You Have To See This Adorable Kiss Cam Footage

The last couple of months have been stressful, to say the least. In times of strife, it can be easy to forget about happier days, and we often don't stop to appreciate the little things in life — which can feel silly in the scope of the world's troubles. A viral video is reminding the internet that the world is not a hopeless, loveless place, though. This kiss cam from the pro bowl in Orlando celebrates love in all forms, and it's exactly what I needed.

Released as a Love Has No Labels PSA for Valentine's Day by Ad Council, the incredibly sweet video is a compilation of shots from the "kiss cam" at Orlando's Pro Bowl. If you've ever been to a major sporting event, you probably are familiar with the concept of a kiss cam — but basically, it's when the operator of the Jumbotron turns to members of the audience and basically says, "Now kiss!" Of course, it assumes that two people sitting next to one another are together, which is not always the case. So, sometimes those moments can be a little more awkward than "aww." But as Ad Council's campaign, Love Has No Labels, shows, our assumptions about love limit our ability to accept and appreciate just how vast love is.

When it released the ad on Valentine's Day, the Ad Council wrote on its website, per president and CEO Lisa Sherman:

On Valentine’s Day ‘Fans of Love’ highlights that love has the power to bring people together regardless of our differences – a message that is more important now than ever. We hope that this new creative will encourage all of us to reflect on our own biases and the role we can play in creating a more accepting and inclusive world.

The ad doesn't just focus on the romantic moments often caught on kiss cams, but uses the idea to showcase love between friends, family, and even our capacity to appreciate a moment caught with a stranger with whom we just happen to be enjoying a sporting event.

The campaign also wants to remind us to challenge our bias — not just when it comes to sexual orientation, but diversity in general. As part of the campaign, the Love Has No Labels website has a quiz where you can test your biases — and you'll likely be surprised to realize that you harbor them.

In a time when the civil liberties of so many are under threat, and the future seems at times a very frightening and uncertain place, the video is a touching reminder that love is a powerful, wonderful — and sometimes unexpected —force in our lives. One that definitely makes life worth living.