Annette Brown/The CW

'TVD' Teased Hope For Klaroline 'Shippers

Fans knew a lot of old Mystic Falls favorites would be returning for The Vampire Diaries series finale. And yet, Julie Plec & Co. still managed to surprise us with a reunion (of sorts) we thought may no longer be possible. Or rather a hope of a future reunion, I should say. I'm referring to a special Klaroline moment in the TVD series finale that brought Klaus Mikaelson and Caroline Forbes together in a big way. Don't get me wrong, I've always been a strong Delena supporter, but I've never felt as strongly about a TVD pairing than I have for Klaroline. I will sail on this 'ship until the day I die (and then some). So it was such an amazing treat to be given hope that these two may very well see each other again in the future someday... however long it takes.

Just to be clear, though, these characters didn't actually come face-to-face during the episode. However, that didn't make the moment any less significant. In fact, I've never felt more hopeful for their potential future together. During a recap of what Alaric and Caroline have been up to since Stefan's passing (RIP), it was revealed that they had started up a Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted, which led to Caroline receiving a very big donation check in the mail from — you guessed it — Klaus Mikaelson.

Along with the check, he wrote a brief note that went on to say how much he admires what she's doing and that she's exceeding even the high expectations he had for her. He then added this parting message:

I do look forward to thanking you in person someday. However long it takes. Yours, Klaus

Add that to the fact that Alaric made reference to this being "the beginning of another story," which seems to imply that their journey together isn't quite as over as some may have thought. So does this mean she'll potentially show up in New Orleans for The Originals? At this point, I'd say it's not only possible, but highly probable.

Granted, nothing has been confirmed yet, but it does offer up some hope for those not yet willing to say goodbye to this beloved blonde vamp. Her time in Mystic Falls may be over, but if this note is any indication, her time in New Orleans could only just be beginning. Only time will tell.