You Can Now Buy An LED Light To Disinfect Your Shower, & The Future Is Here

Have you ever had to shower in a grimy bathroom, unsure if you'd come out clean or dirtier than you started? It's not fun. It's also why I spend an inordinate amount of time scrubbing my bathtub and wiping down my shower — if your bathroom ain't clean, you're not gonna be clean. This is also why I'm absolutely stoked about the launch of ellumi's newest product: an LED, bacteria-killing light that disinfects your shower for you. If this doesn't intrigue and excite your inner Danny Tanner clean freak, nothing will.

Ellumi products are the brain children of two companies: Evolution Lighting, LLC, a leader in cutting edge lighting technology, and Vital Vio, the provider of this bacteria-killing technology, "focused on addressing the spread of illnesses and infections." Ellumi's first product, the Bacteria Killing Under-Cabinet Light was the very first of its kind, launched in March 2018. Only five months later, ellumi is ready to take its technology into your bathroom where, let's be honest, it's much needed.

Starting next week, you'll be able to purchase ellumi's Recessed Retrofit Light for only $89. With the power to banish fungi, mold, and bacteria with the flick of a switch, this light will give you peace of mind and, more importantly, a safe shower. Best of all, Vital Vio's technology relies on LEDs, rather than UV light or chemicals. This means the process that kills the germs in your shower is also completely harmless to you, your children, and your pets. Most powerful disinfectant sprays and other bacteria killing lights can't say the same thing.

How does ellumi technology work exactly? As an English major turned writer, I'll defer to the experts. According to the ellumi website:

"University researchers have proven that specific wavelengths of visible light actually inhibit bacteria reproduction and destroy cells. This is effective on Strep, Staph/MRSA, E. Coli, Salmonella and 21 other bacteria.​ The light excites certain molecules in harmful microorganisms through photo-activation. These molecules produce Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), causing cell wall damage and death over time."

Maintaining a squeaky clean bathroom isn't only gratifying, but it could have real impacts on your health. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 160,000 people in the U.S. die yearly from an infectious disease. You can actively prevent diseases by doing things like washing your hands (thoroughly), getting immunized, and disinfecting your surfaces — which is where ellumi lights come in. After scrubbing and wiping down surfaces in your bathroom, they certainly may look clean, but that doesn't mean they actually are. Ellumi lights kill the invisible bacteria that get you — and everyone in your household — sick as a dog.


So, let's talk logistics. The new ellumi Recessed Retrofit has two light settings: the disinfecting mode, and the standard mode. In standard mode, this light acts like — you guessed it — a standard household light. It projects normal white light, and you won't notice anything different about it. Flip it into disinfecting mode, and you'll instantly know it's doing its job. It projects a violet light that, while totally safe for you, is a purple, germ-killing machine. Plus, it'll make your bathroom look pretty cool.

Life is too short to worry about disinfecting your shower and bathroom counters every dang day. Ellumi is making lives easier — and healthier — by giving us a way to disinfect our bathrooms without touching a sponge or toxic spray. You'll be able to buy your own Recessed Retrofit Light from ellumi beginning in August — and because this company is all about simplifying our lives, they'll be available on Amazon Prime.