This Letter Written From A Newborn's Perspective Is A Must-Read For New Parents

Life with a newborn is both exciting and, yes, terrifying. There are a number of questions and concerns that run through every new parent's mind in those first few weeks. And this letter written from a newborn's point of view is a must-read for all new parents because it provides a perfect reminder that everything right now is temporary. After all, becoming a parent is overwhelming and sometimes it helps to be reminded that this chaos will pass eventually. So, despite all the initial the hardships, this viral letter is here to remind parents to remember to enjoy the ride.

The letter, posted on Monday by the Facebook page dedicated to the NHS Ayrshire Maternity Unit in Scotland, has actually been around for almost a decade. The sweet message to new parents is known as the "Newborn's Ten Commandments" and its author is unknown. But, it has been shared many times throughout the years due to its poignant message and is starting to make its rounds on the internet once again, as Scary Mommy reported.

Why? Well, because the message is so important and this "newborn" reminds parents that no matter how difficult those first few weeks together may be, they are short.

Contained within the touching letter is advice and reminders to new parents, as far as bonding and getting used to their new family member. Adjusting to life with a new baby takes time, and the author reminds parents of that:

Please don’t expect too much from me as a newborn baby, or too much from yourselves as parents. Give us both six weeks as a birthday present, six weeks for me to grow, develop, mature, and become more stable and predictable — six weeks for you to rest and relax and allow your body to get back to normal.

Combine the lack of sleep, insane schedules, and a whole lot of diapers, new parents really do have a lot to focus on. But, no matter how stressful of a time this is, it's obviously not the baby's fault — and the letter reminds parents that this new little guy or gal is just trying to figure life out, too. According to the letter:

Please forgive me if I cry a lot. I am not a tyrant who was sent to make your life miserable. Please take the time to find out who I am, how I differ from you and how much I can bring to you.

The letter also addresses another difficult part of new parenthood: potentially overwhelming feelings of inadequacy. There is no such thing as perfect parents. As the letter writes, all you can do is try:

Please remember that I am resilient and can withstand the many natural mistakes you’ll make with me. As long as you make them with love, I cannot be harmed.

The last bit of advice shared in this letter is applicable to all parents, not just those with newborns. No matter the age of your children — or the number of children you have — the letter wants parents to always remember to do one thing:

Please take care of yourself; eat a balanced diet, rest, and exercise so that when we are together, you have the patience and energy to take care of me.

The posting of the "Newborn's Ten Commandments" by NHS Ayrshire Maternity Unit’s Facebookhas now received more than 17,000 likes and nearly 8,000 shares since it was first posted. Comments on the post are mostly from parents and parents-to-be responding to the important messages contained within it.

One such commenter wrote, "Every Mum and Dad should be given this letter and be made to read it before they are allowed to take their precious little bundle of joy home."

"This should be page 1 of the manual that should come with every newborn," another commented.

The letter closes with a reminder that time is fleeting and parents should make the most of every step along the way: "Keep the ‘big picture’ in mind. I’ll be like this for a very short time, though it seems like forever to you now. Enjoy me – I’ll never be this little again!"

With so many beautiful days to come, it is important to resist the urge to get bogged down by the difficulties of the first few weeks. Instead, live in the moment and just enjoy your bundle of joy as much as you can.

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