'Lilo & Stitch' Version Of Elf On The Shelf Hits Stores

Ever since Elf on the Shelf came along, some parents (and, oh yeah, their kids too) have been obsessed. So is it any wonder that the new version is already getting big buzz for the merry mischief the Lilo & Stich version of Elf on the Shelf will make this holiday season?

I mean, I'm pretty dorky about these guys. I've had one or more elves in play during the holidays since my oldest was little, and we've also enjoyed Mensch on a Bench, the Hanukkah equivalent, who's quite the character, as well.

One year I was so good at having various of the original elves pop up in different locations when the kids woke up, they were a little too convinced toy holiday helpers were real... and up to some shady shenanigans. I had to back off a bit, and then the bigger kids got a little too old and wise for it. But now, I get to do the whole thing again with my youngest, and where's my credit card to get this version?

The new toy set, "Holiday Mischief With Stitch," which retails for $30 is Disney's answer to Elf on the Shelf, as PopSugar explained, includes a storybook and a posable plush doll.

Stitch also sports a Santa Claus hat with a pom pom that is reversible to say either “Naughty” or “Nice,” as BestProducts.com noted. That's a bigger incentive to grab this thing, since Stitch's behavior can be labeled for a young audience. Maybe a 6-year-old who is still not that great at making her bed will learn from Stitch's clean-up skills?

As many people likely remember from the 2002 movie about the extraterrestrial masquerading as a pet, Lilo and Stitch's version of Stitch discovers what it's like to be part of a family, and finally care about something or someone. Living with Lilo and her family, Stitch starts seeing and truly understanding the concept of "ohana," which is the Hawaiian concept of family love and closeness, as Maui travel blog MauiAccomodations.com explained.

If you really think about it, with the holiday season having become such a mad rush of parties and presents, this particular character just might be the most perfect version of the Elf on the Shelf ever.

It's an easy conversation to move from the movie to the deeper question of what's really important about the holidays. I mean, sure, kids and adults both love the superficial aspects, such as the sweet treats, the attention, the presents, which can sometimes sidetrack conversations about the most important parts of holidays.

In all the holiday hustle, it can be hard to get your kids to understand that people do all these things in order to express love, enrich their spiritual faith, and take needed time with family and friends. Stitch's journey as a character to learn about love and family is a perfect example.

A lot of people get caught up in doing up the house and making Christmas and wintertime festive and "perfect" for their kids. I can get caught up in all the activity as much as anyone. But this year, I'm going to have fun with the family, throw some elves on the mantle, kick my feet up in front of the fire, and take it easy. A chilled-out mama will make the holidays easier for everyone!

The "Holiday Mischief with Stitch" set is available at Disney stores and such online retailers as shopdisney.com.