This Little Girl Announcing Her Mom's Pregnancy Is Painfully Cute

by Korey Lane

Pretty much anything a kid does is adorable, right? Even if they're crying, or accidentally dropping a few f-bombs, if a little kid is doing it, it's probably going to make you smile. And pregnancy announcements are no different. Such is the case with this little girl announcing her mom's pregnancy in the most hilariously adorable video you'll see all day.

Three-year-old Kyla Moriarty of Norton Shores, Michigan takes center stage in the now-viral video shared to her mother's Facebook page last Thursday, as she informs viewers, "We have some big news today!" Kyla's mother, Katie Moriarty, says she wanted to let friends and family know that she was expecting her third child in a fun and original way, so she let Kyla do the honors. Since first posting the video last week, it's racked up over 9,000 views and numerous comments. And seriously, once you see the video for yourself, you'll understand why it's so popular.

Speaking with Romper, Moriarty explains, "Kyla has always been very outgoing and expressive," which was why she thought of the video in the first place. "She is always making my husband and I laugh with the cute things she says or does. This video truly captures who Kyla is and that's why it's so special to us that she is receiving such a positive reaction."

See the video, in all it's sweet glory, below:

"Little miss Kyla has a special announcement from our family," Moriarty captioned the video, along with several hashtags. At first, Kyla wonders if the baby will be a boy or a girl, then adds, "The baby's not gonna come until January," in what has to be the sweetest voice ever.

"Right now, mommy looks pretty skinny," Kyla informs viewers, although she soon demonstrates how mom's stomach will grow along with the pregnancy by placing something under her own dress to make herself appear pregnant.

Kyla also describes how she'll teach her younger brother, 1-year-old Cohen, how to be a good big brother, emphasizing that he'll need to "share all his toys." Clearly, Kyla has the whole "big sister" thing down pat.

Asked if Kyla is aware of her newfound celebrity, Moriarty says, "Kyla has no idea how many people have viewed her video." But, "she was really excited when she saw herself on the news and told us that she is just like Rapunzel now." She adds,

I'm very proud of the little girl that Kyla is growing up to be. She has such a kind and loving heart. We are thankful for how excited she is to be the big sister in the family and are looking forward to baby's arrival in January!

Rock on Kyla, and congrats to the Moriartys!