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My Heart Can't Handle This Little Girl's Reaction To THAT Scene In 'The Lion King'

You never forget the first time you saw The Lion King. Not because it's a fantastic movie, which it most certainly is, but because of that one scene when, spoiler alert, Simba's dad dies. Ugh, my heart is breaking just thinking about it. So really, it's no surprise that people are relating hard to this little girl's reaction to The Lion King scene when Mufasa dies. The disbelief, the anger... you're about to feel those same emotions all over again.

Mufasa's death scene is unforgettable. Not just because it's heartbreaking, but it also teaches kids an important lesson on both betrayal and coping with loss. Although the movie's quirky characters and fantastic soundtrack help with his sudden and dramatic death, it's not easy to watch, especially if it's your first time.

Thanks to the help of Twitter, as BuzzFeed reported, a video of a little girl watching this death scene has gone viral after her dad first posted it on Instagram in January. In the video, the 2-year-old girl can be heard saying "No, no, no, no!" at the TV and screaming once Mufasa is thrown off the cliff by his brother, Scar. She drops her stuffed animal and shakes her tiny fists... TBH, it's a reaction everyone has had watching The Lion King.

Since posting the video on Instagram, it has really blown up on Twitter. But the little girl's father, Ray, did not suspect his video would become this big when he posted it. "Honestly, when I recorded it, I had a feeling it could go viral, but never thought it would actually happen," he tells Romper. Well, his feeling ultimately came to fruition, because people on Twitter are loving the video.

One person perfectly responded, "Weve [sic] all been through this pain sweetheart."

Another wrote, "It was at this moment, when this lil girl found out that life aint fair."

"Welcome to trauma," another reacted.

Another said, "It’s a right of passage sweet girl!"

One more requested, "Spare her the trauma of Bambi. Just for a few more years."

Mufasa's death is hard to watch for anyone who's seen the 1994 Disney film. But The Lion King's producer, Don Hahn, explained to HelloGiggles in 2017 that this scene was crucial to the story. "You can't say Mufasa was injured and shook it off and was okay later," Hahn told HelloGiggles. "It's a movie about growing up and about generational change... It's not the finality of death, it's death as part of the circle of life. Even though it's rough to take at the time, in the context of the movie it's the right point; it's the right story point to tell."

When the live-action Lion King remake hits theaters on July 19, people will likely have to relive this scene again. And Ray, who's in the military, tells Romper he hopes he can take his daughter to see the new Lion King for her birthday. Crossing my fingers that Mufasa's death will be a little less shocking for her the second time around.