This Gorgeous 'Little Mermaid'-Inspired Bouquet Is Fit For A Disney Princess

Few things are more beautiful than a bouquet of fresh flowers, but when you add a little essence of Disney into the mix, the gorgeousness goes to a whole new level. Farmgirl Flowers is offering a Little Mermaid-inspired bouquet that is so ridiculously pretty, you're going to want to order one for yourself immediately.

The limited-edition "Part of Your World" bouquet comes with 25 stems in all pastel colors, including pink, yellow, and aqua. The site has sold the bouquet in the past, and it was so popular that fans clamored for it to come back for another run. It's easy to see why. At $83, it's not exactly cheap, but let's be real — these aren't gas station flowers we're talking about.

The gorgeous blooms are just one part of the appeal. The mermaid theme extends down to the vase, which features an iridescent scale design. It is so much cooler than the basic, boring, clear glass ones you get with the majority of floral arrangements — especially since it's got a double use. The vase is actually a stemless wine glass, which is pretty much the most genius idea ever. Once your flowers wilt, you can clean out your vase and use it to kick back with a glass of vino. I kind of want to order one just for that. And The Little Mermaid herself would most definitely approve of a household item having two different uses. Ariel did use a fork for a hairbrush, after all (though it's perhaps better known as a dinglehopper).

You can get the bouquet shipped anywhere in the continental United States (I'm so sorry, Alaska and Hawaii, no mermaid flowers for you this time) and it'll come boxed up and wet-wrapped so the flowers stay fresh in transit. All you'll have to do is give the stems a quick trim when they arrive, then place them in your amazing vase/wine glass. If you're not exactly the green thumb type, the Farmgirl website can walk you through how to care for your flowers so you can extend your arrangement's life as long as possible. When you've got a bouquet this stunning as your centerpiece, you'll definitely want to make it last a while.

If you're itching to order the bouquet, you might want to check out some of the company's other beautiful arrangements while you're at it, or their collection of offerings like chocolate bars, candles, and cookies (i.e. basically everything you need for the most perfect, cozy night in ever — especially when your vase is ready to pull wine glass duty). Farmgirl Flowers noted on its Instagram page that the "Part of Your World" arrangement is its fast-selling item ever, and something tells me the orders will come in just as quickly this time around. If you want one, you'll want to order yours ASAP, before it sells out. Or you know, casually email this article to your significant other and try to act surprised when your bouquet arrives... that's my plan, at least.