This Mashup Of Awkward Family Dinner Movie Scenes Will Remind You That No, It's Not Just Your Family — VIDEO

Sometimes the Internet is just the worst, but other times it can remind you that you're not alone, especially when you're knee-deep in (possibly forced and not entirely fun) family time during the holiday season. Slacktory has created a mashup of awkward dinner movie scenes, gently reminding us all that no man is an island, especially when that island is smack-dab in the middle of another awkward, borderline-racist political conversation between his drunk uncle and conservative aunt. (There's not enough gravy in this turkey-loving world to dull the pain.)

So if you're one "I proudly support Trump and admire him for saying whatever he wants" declaration away from suffocating yourself with another dinner roll, just remember that things could be worse. Much, much worse. Like, Lars and The Real Girl worse. So just grit your teeth, lie your way through another interrogation about whether or not you're "seeing anyone special," and keep in mind that no matter how awkward your Thanksgiving dinner is, it will eventually, mercifully end.

Here's a list of movie dinners that were worse than yours. You can at least be thankful these movie scenes weren't your reality, right? (And if they are and you've lived these literal nightmares, I am so sorry and maybe drinking heavily will help.)

'American History X'

Sure, drunken comments made by your uncle are pretty racist, but at least they're not Derek Vinyard pre-incarceration racist.

'Lars And The Real Girl'

While it would definitely shut up the relatives who insist you need to get married immediately, showing up to dinner with a life-size doll would be, well, awkward.

'Wedding Crashers'

Unless your future (or current, for that matter) mother-in-law asked you to motor boat her fake breasts, you're not having that bad of a day. Perspective, friends.


There's being stuck in the middle of an argument, and then there's being stuck in the middle of an argument between Ryan Reynolds and Wendie Malick. (OK, that actually doesn't sound so bad in the right light, but you get the idea.)

'Meet The Parents'

"I have nipples, Greg, could you milk me?" Enough said.

'Step Brothers'

The blending of two families is always awkward and relatively uncomfortable. Especially when the "children" are in their thirties and still living with their parents.

'Star Trek VI'

Extended family members can seem like creatures from another planet, so we feel your pain, Captain Kirk.

'The Birdcage'

Oh, the lengths we'll go to impress other people. Just ask Nathan Lane's character, Albert Goldman. Poor Albert.

'The Family Stone'

We've all seen (and shared) those looks before.

'American Beauty'

Obviously throwing plates against walls isn't acceptable, but you guys, talk about cathartic! (But no, don't do it.)

And Here's All The Gloriously Awkwardness Thrown Together, The Way God And The Internet Intended:

Remember: You're not alone, guys. Thanksgiving is over. Just take another hardy swig of your alcoholic beverage, because it'll be Christmas before you know it.

Images: Slacktory/YouTube(11)