Refresh Your Memory Of 'Master Of None' Season 1

Aziz Ansari's popular Netflix series Master of None is finally returning for a second season, but some fans may be struggling to remember where things left off for Dev. The entire first season debuted on Netflix back in November 2015 and it's been a while since fans caught up with Ansari's character and his friends Denise (Lena Waithe) and Arnold (Eric Wareheim). What happened to them during Season 1? Did Dev find love? What about his career? What about Denise? What happened with Arnold? How about Dev's girlfriend Rachel? Thankfully I'm here to provide you with a Master of None Season 1 recap so you don't have to rewatch the whole first season in order to feel prepared for what's to come — not to discourage you from rewatching the show, of course, since it's fantastic.

Throughout the first season Dev found himself wrestling with questions about his relationship, his career, and his family. He took a hard look at his feminism and the privilege he had as a man. He talked to his parents about their lives as immigrants and what they experienced before and after coming to America. He also took a closer look at his job and ended up making a career change by the end of the season. Here's everything you need to remember before starting Season 2.

Arnold Gave Away PARO The Seal

After Arnold's grandfather died, Arnold took ownership of his grandfather's PARO, which was a seal that provided comfort to the elderly and other medical patients. In the end, Arnold parted with it, giving it to his landlord, and the world collectively wept.

Dev Stood Up For His Female Co-stars

After recognizing his privilege as a man, Dev asked for the women in the commercial he was doing, to be given speaking parts. One of those woman was Diana who, based on the trailer for Season 2, will make a reappearance on the show.

Denise Is Still Single To Mingle

Though Denise gave Carla the "Denise Experience," by the end of the season, Denise was still single and living her best life.

Dev & Rachel Parted Ways

After attending a friend's wedding together, Dev and Rachel realized they couldn't imagine being happy together forever. Rachel then decided to go to Tokyo and the pair went their separate ways.

Dev Moved to Italy

After his scene was cut from The Sickening and he broke up with Rachel, Dev decided to make a change. He moved to Italy to study pasta-making at a culinary school.

As for where Dev's journey goes from here, fans will be able to find out soon enough when Season 2 hits Netflix on May 12.