This May Be The Most Demanding Nanny Job Listing To Ever Exist

Though it comes with luxury vehicles, top-of-the-line chefs, and constant international travel, a UK family's want ad may be the most demanding nanny job to ever exist. For all these provided perks, the parents aren't messing around, as they've explained in their lengthy job description for a live-in nanny, insisting:

We are looking for a highly qualified nanny who has a degree in child psychology, no children of their own and a minimum of 15 years of nannying experience.

The nanny will look after four children, ages two, five, seven, and 15 in the family's four homes in London, Cape Town, Barbados, and Atlanta. Six days a week, from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., the nanny will monitor the four, home-schooled kids constantly. "

I feel it is best to be upfront – the role is demanding," the ad admits, asking that the nanny "eat with the children at every meal, which will be cooked for them by a Michelin star chef." Given that the accepted candidate must have a perfect driving record, they'll get to drive all family members around for appointments and errands in the provided "Porsche, Range Rover and Maserati" of their choosing.

Safety is key, so "ideally [the] nanny will be trained in self-defense." If this isn't the case, however, the parents will pay for the necessary courses. Not so ridiculously, the family asks that, regardless of whatever else the nanny does in their free time, "binge drinking or drug taking" are unacceptable.

"We wish to find the perfect nanny for our family," the ad expresses, ultimately offering £100,000 (or $128,680) as a salary.

According to the website that the ad was posted on, more than 874 childcare providers have already viewed the ad. In a recent update, the family shared that, since their ad has gone viral online, they've had "over 300 applicants." But much to their dismay, "only a small handful meet the specific requirements and criteria clearly stipulated in the advert."

For this reason, they demand:

If you do not have ALL the necessary qualifications, skills and experience for the role then we would politely request that you do not even bother making an application as it is a waste of our time and yours.

To many, the role might seem ridiculous. But if you enjoy the finer things (as in cars, food, high-class vacations) and, oh yeah, children, then this might be totally worth your time for (at least) 78 hours a week. Assuming that the nanny would work year round (and, given the circumstances, this is a pretty safe assumption), the salary comes in at a little over $34 an hour. It's quite the commitment, but for some, it might be worth it.