This *Genius* Mess-Free Freezable Pacifier Is The Only Thing A Teething Baby Needs

If the description "world's first freezable pacifier" sounds intriguing, you've probably got a teething baby at home. Ah, good times. One of baby’s first hurdles in life typically occurs between 6-12 months of age and comes in the form of fussiness, drooling, biting, difficulty sleeping and loss of appetite, according to the American Dental Association. And as any parent will tell you, an unhappy baby equals unhappy, stressed out parents. While the market is saturated with teethers and ointments to aid with gum relief, a new pacifier teether hybrid has entered the scene, and I'm intrigued to say the least. The Nippii is billed as the world’s first freezable pacifier, and with CoolTransfer technology, allows baby to feel the cooling effect on her gums and teeth without her cheeks, face or hands getting cold. In a word: genius.

Created by Kim and Ryan Blake, parents of three young children (each with their own teething trials), the Nippii was born out of the knowledge that cold items act as an anesthetic for painful gums. Like many parents, their freezer was filled with teething products that might provide temporary relief only to be discarded once little cheeks or hands became too chilly. A pacifier, on the other hand, was already familiar and aimed right at the target area. Filling the back of one with water, they would freeze and watch as the pacifier gave their baby’s sore gums much-needed relief, only to be met with a mess once the ice melted. While countless onesies dried and water was wiped away, an idea for a new teething remedy was born.


With the help of a 3D printer and a whole lot of pacifier prototypes, Kim and Ryan knew they were on to something. Their final product is as simple as the “just add water” instructions, yet incredibly inventive. You’ll find strategically placed variable wall thickness, multi-tactile teething surfaces of bumps, and raised ridges paired with an ultra soft nipple for soothing. After filling the chamber with water and closing the double brim watertight cap, pop it in the freezer for varied lengths of time to determine what suits baby best: frozen or slushy (even warm water without the freezer) are options. Soothing your baby is the ultimate goal and the Nippii pacifier, sized and shaped for pediatric babies 0-9 months of age, may be just the ticket. Bonus? It's just $6.99 on the Nippii website.

Additional details include a leak-free design that’s thick and durable, top-rack dishwasher safe (or boil in water on the stove), and one-piece hospital grade silicone that’s free of BPA, latex, DEHP, phthlates, lead, PVS, and toxic liquids. The Nippii was 3rd party lab tested and exceeds CPSC, ASTM, and CPSIA Regulations. Choking worries are put to rest thanks to the engineered binky guard for protection against swallowing, and one-piece construction means no parts are coming loose. How’s that for safety?! Parent inventors really do think of everything.

On that topic, I can’t help but be impressed by Kim and Ryan’s ingenuity as they took a simple idea and turned it into a reality. For busy parents who feel they may have the next “big idea,” Kim is filled with encouragement. In an interview with Romper via email, she writes, “Don’t make excuses for why you can’t. Don’t believe the lie that ‘If only I had more time, money and resources.’ If you believe in your idea enough, you will find them! Some of my favorite and most inspirational entrepreneurs had very little money and zero connections.”

She adds, “There will be sacrifice. This one is especially hard for us mamas, because we feel like we can’t sacrifice any time away from our little ones. There will be discouraging days. Fight for the reason you started every day. You CAN do it! Look for a problem, find a way to solve it and then go to work! Do one thing, just one thing, that will help you toward your goal and do it TODAY, never tomorrow.”

In creating a solution for teething babies with the Nippii freezable pacifier, Kim and Ryan are problem-solving entrepreneurs that are teaching their own children the value of working hard and doing what they love. And I love that — and so do teething babies.