This "Milk Drunk" Ring Bearer Will Seriously Make Your Day

There is a lot of fun to be had at weddings, but some kids just don't get it. While adults can understand the appeal in a paid meal with drinks and dancing, kids would much rather be at home watching cartoons on their iPad. One day, they will definitely understand. But until they get a little bit older, they'll continue thinking that weddings are just another party. Like this wedding guest — a "milk drunk" ring bearer — that had no idea what is going on around him but will understand, one day.

There used to be a time where your most embarrassing or adorable moments as a kid were caught on camera and stayed on a camcorder tape. They would collect dust day after day until the holidays, when your mom begged your family to watch home videos. You might have even considered submitting your embarrassing home movie to America's Funniest Home Videos at some point in time.

But this is 2017, and now the most embarrassing and adorable family moments are caught on your phone, shared to Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram — and gain a major audience at the same time. Not that it's a bad thing — it now gives a reason for everyone to see these great moments. This milk drunk ring bearer, who struggles to make it down the aisle, is a great example of that.

In a video, posted to Instagram, the little boy by the name of Maxen Pierce, takes a trip down the aisle in a toy car but he can't seem to keep his eyes open. The culprit? Milk, of course.

Maxen was supposed to take a trip in the remote controlled car to greet his dad at the end of the aisle, carrying a sign that said "Daddy, here comes mommy," according to NBC 4. And Maxen did do that except, just not as seamlessly. Instead, "drunk" off of a recent feeding, Maxen went down the aisle half asleep. Because having him be a part of his parents' wedding half asleep is better than him not being a part of the wedding at all.

While his entrance might not have been the most ideal, it did get every guest in attendance laughing, showing that his appearance down the aisle was so worth it.

The 9-month-old boy, according to ABC News, was supposed to bring the rings to his parents, which was the idea of his mom and the bride, Roselee Pierce. Maxen's dad, David Pierce, told ABC News that his view at the altar was the best view. "It was just hilarious," David said. "I mean, he was taking a nap and it was time to ride down the aisle."

Maxen's trip down the aisle wasn't necessarily out of character for the little boy, according to ABC News, who is already showing a lot of personality. David told ABC News:

He's quite the character. He has quite the personality. He's just hilarious. He's just a superstar on a daily basis. He was built for fame.

Moms know that their children getting "milk drunk" is such a real thing. But there isn't really anything behind it or much else to it. The term "milk drunk" was coined after moms found that their babies were so satisfied after a feeding, their expressions resembled those of a drunk person. Babies can't actually get "drunk" off of milk, according to Baby Center, but they can feel incredibly satiated and relaxed from their recent meal. So Maxen likely had one heck of a feeding before he was put in that remote controlled car and sent down the aisle. Or, as David said, Maxen was interrupted from his nap to be the ring bearer.

While wedding guests definitely got drunk off of alcohol later in the evening, Maxen was just getting the party started a little early. His appearance definitely did just that.