There's A Millennial Mom Barbie & She's Keeping It Real AF In Her Maternity Leggings

It's been a while since I played with dolls, but more than a decade later, it looks like Barbie is back in my life in a big way. Thanks to the magic of Instagram and the beautiful minds that abound there, Millennial Mom Barbie exists and she's about to be your new obsession. From marriage to pregnancy and everything in between, Barbie is there to guide you through it — looking just as fabulous as always, I might add.

Barbie and Ken made it through the honeymoon phase and they have been busy growing their family. With two kids already and one on the way, Ken and his Barbie wife — whose given name is Tiff — make parenting look like playtime. Her nearly 80,000 followers are actively tracking her latest pregnancy, according to Cosmopolitan, and she's sharing all of those intimate details just like any good social media mad millennial.

The mind behind Tiff isn't the famous toy company Mattel, but is actually an unnamed social media savant with a passion for fashion. Romper has reached out to the creator for comment, but has yet to hear back. This brilliant mastermind has put her doll-posing skills to work showing Tiff in all sorts of family-friendly poses.

Tiff's story started simply enough, just a Barbie doll living her best life. It wasn't until Ken came into the picture that it became a family affair. From there, Tiff's creator told Babble that the ideas just kept coming:

I wanted to create a picture-perfect life with Barbie. When I started the account I wasn’t planning to give her such a fun life or family, I just kept getting ideas along the way.

While all of the photos are fun to take, Tiff's creator is most fond of the pregnancy photos (same, TBH), as they told Scary Mommy:

It’s very hard to choose because I like all the pictures I post, if I didn’t like them I wouldn’t post them. My favorite picture theme I guess would be the pregnancy pictures because they are fun to take and fun to post.

Freshly out of her first trimester, Tiff is at 15 weeks, showing, and in the gym on the regular. Her caption for a gym photo came with the regular pregnancy updates, with a side of TMI — which I have learned is the norm for pregnant women when sharing their symptoms:

My other favorite product has been Kleenex I have been having a runny nose lately so they are a life saver. I forget a lot of things too !!!! ... Ken's favorite products has been ear plugs, he said I snore a lot but that's just a temporary symptom. P.S I am no longer constipated. Thank you for all your great tips #15weeks#momsofinstsgram#pregnancy#babykiff2018

If pregnant dolls aren't your thing, Tiff's Instagram shares a variety of millennial parenting experiences. Her mommy moments are beyond relatable and her followers seem to agree. "This is awesome! I absolutely am in love with this! I might start a Barbie roleplay [sic] because you inspired me," they wrote. Another pointed out how real Tiff's experiences are:

I just came across a write up of this acct. omigosh. I love it. I'm not a Barbie fan (not since I was little that is 😉) but this is so funny and real!!!! Love it!!!

As a child, Barbie taught me to accessorize, inspired me to follow any career path that struck my fancy, and gave me an outlet for my own childhood angst. Now, Barbie — in the form of Tiff — is guiding me through my own pregnancy with hilarity and insight.

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