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This Mom Had Her Baby At Target. Dreams Really Do Come True.

Target — it's the place of wonders. You go in looking for one thing and you leave with many things. Going to Target serves many purposes — it's a place of refuge away from the craziness of life and it's the place where you can easily get rid of your paycheck. It is also a place that can also serve as an emergency labor and delivery room if need be. No, seriously. I'm not kidding, this mom delivered her baby at Target and it is the most amazing thing you will hear about all day.

You never know what you'll find at Target — including an impromptu labor and delivery scenario. At least, that was the case for shoppers in an Atlanta, Georgia Target in late August. One pregnant woman, Tanya St. Preux was feeling contractions while shopping at Target, according to Inside Edition. But like most people who shop at Target, she wanted to grab "just a few more things." Luckily, labor and delivery nurse Caris Lockwood just happened to be shopping at the same Target at the same time with her own mother.

Just as St. Preux was leaving the store to head to the hospital, according to Inside Edition, her water broke and the baby was on the way. Lockwood delivered St. Preux's 7 pound 10 ounce, baby boy named Maleek right in the front of the store. The photo of the mom, her baby boy, and the nurse shared to Facebook by Atlanta hospital system, Piedmont Health Care is so worth seeing, if only to give proof to this unbelievable story.

The nurse's mother, Lisa Bozeman, was beyond overjoyed to be a part of the delivery and witness the miracle of child birth right in front of her Target. Bozeman told Fox 5 Atlanta:

We feel so blessed to be a part of this. We have visited the family in the hospital and their home, and their home and plan to have a lifetime of friendship with them. We love that they're calling us family!

Bozeman also left the cutest Facebook comment in the original Facebook post. But who can blame her? If I saw someone give birth in the front of a Target, I wouldn't be able to stop talking about it for years. In the comments, Bozeman wrote:

I am so so proud of my daughter. - She has always had the most beautiful heart and loves people so well! And we are blessed to know Tanya and that sweet baby!

St. Preux agreed with Bozeman's comments about her daughter, telling 11 Alive Atlanta that without Lockwood, she would have been in trouble:

I see a lot of people saying she was God sent...and that's what really goes through my mind: God's provision

Of course the Facebook post has gone viral since it was first posted at the beginning of the week, accumulating over 8,000 reactions and over 400 shares since it was first posted. And it is no wonder why that the post is getting so much attention. People really love Target. According to Business Insider, research shows that millennials are more apt to shopping at Target than their competitors, finding that their product selection is better than the selection at Wal-Mart. Unfortunately, there have not been any studies conducted on why Target is a black hole for your bank account or what makes a woman going into labor not want to leave (but if you find out why, please let me know).

All jokes aside, this story is pretty amazing — and the people at Target headquarters think so, too. Target said, after the birth of the baby according to 11 Alive Atlanta, "We commend the nurses and medical team that jumped in to help and we're happy to hear mother and baby are doing well."

If these people weren't lifelong Target shoppers already then they definitely are now.