This Badass Mom Gave Birth On A Bus — Yup, A Bus — In Just A Matter Of Minutes

It was supposed to be an afternoon at the movies followed by a simple bus ride home, but for a 29-year-old woman from St. Paul, Minnesota, a two-minute portion of her afternoon commute changed her life forever. On Tuesday, one tough and resourceful mom gave birth on a bus and it happened so fast, the other passengers didn't have time to respond or even offer help.

On Tuesday, Aug. 14, Michelle Agyei went and picked up some to-go food, according to local CBS News affiliate WCCO, before realizing that it wasn't just your typical day. "I was feeling this pain," Agyei told WCCO. "It was really painful, but I didn’t want anybody to know because there was a lot of people on the bus."

When the bus reached the city of St. Paul, however, Agyei's water broke, as WCCO reported. “My baby just popped out and I said ‘Something is coming!'" the new mom told the news outlet. According to PopSugar, this speedy delivery still wasn't enough to stop the brand-new parent from thinking fast.

"She asked if anyone had a string or a shoelace, I guess for the umbilical cord," high school student Jane Mulcahy, who had spent the afternoon at the movie before hopping the bus home, told WCCO. Because Agyei seemed calm and it all happened so fast, Mulcahy didn't think the woman was serious for a second, but then of course offered up her one of her laces, according to WCCO. "She had been having contractions maybe two minutes, and then within 30 seconds, the baby was born. It was incredibly fast," the teen recalled, according to FOX 40.

Baby Andrew later clocked in at a healthy 6 pounds, 9 ounces, and mom and baby were taken by first responders to a nearby hospital, where they were pronounced healthy, according to WCCO.

This isn't the first time recently that resourceful parents have delivered a baby in a matter of minutes. For example, earlier this month, a Scottish dad helped his wife deliver, impressively using iPhone headphones to tie off the baby umbilical cord, according to Metro. And just last month, a San Antonio mom-to-be stopped at a local Chick-fil-A in order to hand off her older kids to a friend en route to the hospital, only to deliver on the restaurant's floor, according to ABC News affiliate KSAT. You might also recall those photos from another birth story that went viral earlier this year, as People documented, when an expectant mom went back and forth to the hospital, trying everything to induce delivery, before ending up giving birth in the hospital ER hallway.

In 2013, according to stats available on BabyCenter, most moms in the United States (98.6 percent) gave birth in a hospital, with the help of a medical doctor (85.4 percent), meanwhile, certified nurse midwives attended 7.8 percent of all births, up from less than 1 percent in the 1970s. While it's clearly not something that happens often in developed countries, such stories about giving birth outside of a medical setting might help remind us to not be so stressed and to just roll with the punches, right? If a first-time mom can deliver her baby on a bus with no help, this story should empower you to do anything.

“I thank them for what they did for me yesterday, I really thank them,” Agyei told WCCO. She not only delivered her own baby before tying the umbilical cord, but the bus route only ended up delayed for less than an hour, according to PopSugar. All birth stories are fierce and badass, but this delivery situation involved one truly tough mama.