This Mom Had A Photoshoot With Her Quintuplets, & It Will Melt Your Cold, Cold Heart


The chance of having quintuplets naturally is roughly one in 55,000,000. So, you can imagine Kim Tucci's shock when she discovered she was doing just that. She was the mother of a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old when she and her husband decided to try for another child. Instead, they got five. The quintuplets were born in Australia in late January, and since then have become an Internet sensation. And, as if it couldn't get any more cuter (and overwhelming for Tucci), Tucci had a photoshoot with her quintuplets and you've got to see it.

Erin Elizabeth of Erin Elizabeth Photography was hired by Tucci to take maternity photos before the quintuplets' birth earlier this year. The photos came out spectacularly and show Tucci walking majestically on the shore. It's hard to believe she can look so serene carrying five babies, but she does! In fact, she looks like a real goddess. After those shots, it's not too surprising that Tucci hired Elizabeth back to do a photoshoot with her newborn quintuplets.

In the photos, Tucci is posing alongside her five new children: Tiffany (at birth, about 2.5 pounds), Penelope (about 2.5 pounds), Beatrix (about 2.6 pounds), Allie (about 2.6 pounds), and Keith (about 2.7 pounds). Tucci posted some of the photos to her blog and shared them with Romper.

Courtesty of Kim Tucci

The day after the delivery, Tucci posted on Facebook:

Courtesty of Kim Tucci

The photos, of course, omit the difficulty of carrying five babies. Tucci posted candidly on her Facebook about the pain she endured throughout the pregnancy:

Courtesy of Kim Tucci

Additionally, the photos don't show how much it will cost the couple to care for their now seven children. Tucci's grandmother started a GoFundMe (which you can donate to here) to help raise money for the couple, who have been overwhelmed with bills since the birth of their new children, according to the page:

Courtesty of Kim Tucci

Elizabeth shared her beautiful photos of the growing family on Facebook on May 6. Since then the post has racked up more than 43,000 “likes.” The photographer wrote, "Months later, here she is with her gorgeous little babies...each one perfect and healthy as can be. Kim endured an extremely demanding pregnancy, never wavering in her strength and determination to bring these babies safely into the world. She is an inspiration, and it was an honor to photograph her journey."

She's since shared some adorable "behind-the-scenes" photos from the shoot. For such new people, the Tucci quintuplets are naturals in front of a camera.