Lily Martinez

This Mom Of 4’s Weekend Morning Routine Is Refreshingly Honest

by Lily Martinez

The internet is packed with tip after tip to help you maximize your hectic weekday morning routine — but what about the equally, if not busier, weekend mornings? In the spirit of helping moms everywhere get the most out of their precious weekend family time, Romper teamed up with Got Milk? to talk to Lily Martinez, the creative force behind the popular blog The Beautiful Circus. Read on to find out how this refreshingly relatable mom of four manages to maximize every moment with her family.

7:30 a.m. – Saturday mornings can never come fast enough in Casa Martinez. Then when they do, our silly kids wake us up around 7:30 by jumping into bed with us for cuddles and tickles to start the day. We talk about any dreams the kids might have had, and what those dreams could mean. Most of the time my youngest, Seli, tells me she doesn't remember what she dreamt of, but that when she gets older she will. It's these moments when all I can do is smile at her and hope time slows down!

The boys snap me out of my sentimental moment and quickly turn the conversation to food. They each start submitting their breakfast orders, and this week it's different pancake flavors, which sparks a quick debate about which pancakes I'll be making for my family. Somehow, we always wind up in a battle between chocolate chip pancakes and peanut butter pancakes, and I enlist myself as the tie breaker. Chocolate chip it is!

Lily Martinez

8:00 a.m. – Everyone is finally getting out of bed and washing up before coming downstairs to the kitchen to start prepping breakfast.

I hear some enthusiastic screams as all four kiddos hurry down the stairs, prompting me to shout out a worrisome “Kids! Don’t run down the stairs, kids!” I hear some faint giggles, then a not-totally-believable, “Yes, mom!”

8:15 a.m. Once in the kitchen, I find out my chocolate chip pancake decision has been vetoed, and that everyone has unanimously settled on my classic milk pancakes for breakfast. I love this recipe and feel good about making it for my kids, since starting our day with milk helps build muscle and fills us up with protein — which is great, since the kids have a soccer game later this morning and will need protein to help them perform!

8:30 a.m. Everyone has a cooking task, from gathering ingredients to setting the table or helping to measure the ingredients. We all coordinate and contribute to putting breakfast together as a family, and the kids feel accomplished and useful when they help put together delicious food for all of us to eat. In the long run, I can't help but feel proud that they're also learning family recipes and creating new ones as we go along.

Lily Martinez

8:45 a.m. Once everyone gets going, we start a good work flow. Everyone takes turns incorporating ingredients and mixing the batter in the bowl. My 5 year-old daughter loves to help pour the milk into our milk pancake batter, and we have such a fun time making a mess and pouring ingredients to mix.

9:00 a.m. Once all the batter is mixed, the kids run off to set the table and I get to putting the pancakes on the griddle. With four kids running around, they always wind up taking turns coming in and out of the kitchen to check on the progress, and eventually one of them will inevitably inform the others, "It's almost time!"

9:30 a.m. We're all gathered at the table and adding our favorite toppings to our pancakes. The kids love fresh strawberries and homemade whipped cream, while I go for whipped cream with pistachios! Even though they've had this recipe more times than they can count, my kids offer up their verdicts on the pancakes. (They're taste-testing experts, after all.) The good news is that they loved the pancakes (as usual), but the bad news is that I didn't make enough for a second helping, and it's time to get going.

Lily Martinez

10:00 a.m. Once again, time sneaks up on us. (Wasn't it just 7:30?!) The kids help us clear the table and wash dishes, then we start to gather our things for their soccer match. I’m relieved to know their bellies are full and the milk they drank will keep hunger at bay while they run around in the soccer field all morning.

10:20 a.m. On our way to soccer practice! We're in the car jamming to our favorite songs, and lucky for me all the kids love '80s pop music like their dad and I do.

Lily Martinez

11:00 a.m. Not to brag, but myself and my family of six just so happened to be perfectly on time for soccer this week. Don't ask me how this happened, because I genuinely don't know. The kids are full of energy and enthusiasm, and my husband and I head to the stands to take a breather.

11:30 a.m. After warm-ups, the kids' game starts and they are ready for the action. I’m also ready to be their loudest fan on the sidelines! I watch them run across the field countless times and full of energy, and I go into full-on proud mom mode. The team (especially my kids!) play a good game.

12:30 p.m. Game is over and my kids' team wins! We cheer and share hugs, but now it's time to figure out what's for lunch, and the cycle of keeping a family of six fed continues on...

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