This Mom Relaxing Post-Birth While Dad Bonds With The Baby Is #BirthGoals

Bringing a baby into the world is no easy feat— as most moms will gladly tell you. First, there's 40 weeks possibly riddled with nausea, bloating, constipation, back pain, itchy stretch marks, sleepless nights spent trying to get comfortable and getting up 20 times to pee. Then of course, there's the hours — and sometimes even days — of labor, followed by pushing out a tiny human from your nether region, or having the baby surgically removed via major surgery. And don't even get me started on the postpartum recovery. (Ouch ... and ew.) After all that work, moms deserve a little rest and relaxation. And honestly, this photo of a mom relaxing post-birth while dad bonds with the baby is #BirthGoals.

Mom blogger Constance Hall recently shared a powerful photo of herself that has elicited a number of different responses, PopSugar reported. On July 1, the new mom of five posted her favorite postpartum photo following the birth of her youngest child, who was born in May, according to her Facebook page. The shot — which featured Hall enjoying a moment with a beverage in one hand and her smartphone in the other, while her husband lovingly swaddles their newborn — has been liked more than 14,000 times so far. “Possibly my favourite photo from the birth of Raja…. welcome to the Matriarchy Densy .. Queen just had a baby yo,” the best-selling author of Like a Queen captioned her post.

As Today's Parent reported, some Facebook users attacked Hall in the comments section for being on her phone so soon after the birth of her child. Because, you know, new moms are required to stare lovingly into their newborn's eyes 24/7. *Eye roll* "Obviously googling parental advice," one person wrote, according to Today's Parent. Another Facebook user chimed in with, It's important to check your phone," the publication reported. Still, plenty of others shared their own "me moments" after delivering their babies. One fellow mother shared, "I had [gestational diabetes] during pregnancy and KFC was all I wanted. The second my son was born I sent my mum to buy me a massive bucket of chicken. I have zero regrets."

Another mom wrote, "After my second, I had my bff bring me a feast of Taco Bell sh*t food to binge on while everyone crooned over baby. Yes, I was thrilled to meet him. But damn, I needed a feast and a moment!"

Some fellow moms even shared their favorite — and similarly-awesome — postpartum photos. "My favourite picture from the birth of my son," one mom wrote, alongside a photo of herself sitting in a hospital bed while holding a giant "Family Box" from McDonald's. "This was taken about half an hour after he was born. Bubs is off having cuddles with his sister, nan or dad I don’t know. All I know is I was sore, tired and starving. I then went on my phone to share this photo with all of my family with the caption 'when one family box is ruined so I had to get another.'" LOL.

Two days after sharing her favorite post-birth photo, Hall addressed some of her haters with a powerful message — which was essentially this: F*ck you. "The truth is.... it’s nobodies business what a mother is doing on her phone the day she gives birth," Hall wrote, according to PopSugar. "If she’s sending her children and mother photos of the baby or googling tit jobs in Thailand it’s not your business." Amen, sister!

A few hours after each of three of my children were born, I remember gladly passing the baby to dad so I could properly savor my first post-delivery meal. During this time, I would text photos/updates to friends and family and simply enjoy not being physically-tethered with my child. You know, after 10 months of carrying him/her inside my body. And you know what? Mindlessly scrolling through Facebook and eating a meal someone else made and delivered to my hospital room while my baby was well-cared for felt pretty damn amazing. The way I see it, new moms especially should never be shamed for taking moments to themselves — even when their babies are freshly-delivered. Because after all they've gone through to bring their little ones into this world, they've more than earned it.