This Mom Wrote An Incredible Rap About Breastfeeding

As many people know, breastfeeding is not always a fun or easy process. From sore nipples to milk production issues, breastfeeding can be rough, to say the least. If you've been nodding along to everything I've said so far, you'll really want to pay attention to this brilliant rap teaching people how to breastfeed. Whether you're new to breastfeeding or a seasoned veteran, I have a feeling you'll really latch on to this three-minute manifesto for parents.

If you're dubious of a rap about breastfeeding, I assure you that "Teach Me How To Breastfeed," is essential for anyone on this parenting journey. Written by board certified lactation consultant and breastfeeding advocate Tanefer Camara, this Hamilton level rap is a funny and smart take on everything there is to know about breastfeeding. If that doesn't sound awesome enough as it is, the song is set to the tune of "Teach Me How To Dougie" and features a ton of cute babies. Need I say more?

Although there's a lot to praise about the rap, it succeeds for its non-condescending tone and realistic look at breastfeeding, including what your baby's poop should look like a few days after they're born. The lyrics also provide assurance to anxious parents unsure about the mechanics of breastfeeding. As any breastfeeding vet knows, the human body is fond of surprises.

In one particularly enlightening section of the song, Camara rapped, according to Mothering:

If he’s on right, it shouldn’t hurt you. Don’t worry if the other side squirts too. When you feed her, don’t watch the clock, 'cause baby girl knows just when to stop.

What's more real than unexpected squirting while breastfeeding? As I said, a post-baby body is all about the curveballs. Considering bodily changes can be scary for a new parent, it's nice to see Camara addressing this topic in her rap.

Veejay Villafranca/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Another successful portion of the rap is when Camara makes a point to include a line about breastfeeding parents and their partners. Camara said, according to the "Teach Me How To Breastfeed" music video:

Yo, listen up, grab your partner and I'll show you how.

This line is incredibly important considering many parents feel overwhelmed and alone while breastfeeding. Camara does a good job of reminding parents that breastfeeding is a joint effort, whether you're both producing the milk or not.

As for the feedback Camara's rap has received, she said, according to Mothering:

I’ve had mothers say that they are breastfeeding because they saw my video. I have had women message me on social media and tell me how the video helped them to get through the tough times. One day I had a whole family dancing to the song. I’ve even had Fathers reach out to me to tell me how much they learned from the song and that they were able to teach their partners.

Although Camara's rap has a sense of levity to it, it doesn't negate the power or meaning of her message. Breastfeeding can be tricky, and parents need all the support and information they can get.