This Pregnant Mom's Workout With Her 1-Year-Old Is *So* Adorable

They say seeing is believing, and sometimes an Instagram clip will really shake you out of your complacency. This video of a mom's adorable workout buddy will inspire you to find your own, proving once and for all that anybody has time to find a few minutes for some fitness with a friend.

A series of hardcore mamas, including Instagrammer, businesswoman, and busy mom Anna Strode, are showing users how to incorporate an active lifestyle into even the busiest of schedules. Strode's account, bubs2bikinis, specializes in home workouts for busy moms, along with her own line of workout gear.

But what's really eye-catching here is Strode's method of staying in shape with three little kids at home and while pregnant with a fourth: Grab a few minutes and a workout buddy. As in, a tiny buddy. You don't need a gym or a dance studio, either β€” just a kitchen, a kid, and some pots and pans to help said kid pass time when working out gets old.

Strode, a native of Australia, noted that this particular workout "is Pregnancy, postpartum and DR safe," featuring modified positions for such moves as Push-ups and Commandos. Modified positions like these are perfect for a beginner or anyone needing to take it easy, so there's really no excuse not to give it a try. As you can see in the clip, even a baby can do it. In fact, you've got to watch to see little Madi's version of squats (there's really nothing like a baby doing squats in a onesie).

"I LOVE that I have a 1 year old that already loves to workout 😍❀️ every time I get my exercise mat out Madi literally bolts to it and starts doing 'squats' and 'push ups,'" Strode wrote in the video caption.

"This really just highlights how much our kids look up to us and how important it is to be the best versions of ourselves not only for us, but for them too," Strode added. "In saying that, this pregnancy has hit me hard ... I'm needing to constantly remind myself to trust my body and be grateful for it growing four babies in less than four years β€” there will be plenty of time to eat better and workout harder once bubs is here ... I'm just trying to do my best, that's all we can do β€” our best."

This mama's an absolute goddess for managing to get it all done, from watching what is very clearly a thriving toddler to keeping her commitment to herself to be active even while pregnant with a fourth little one.

Fans enjoyed the moment, too. "You're such an inspiration though!!" enthused one. "Keep it up!! My daughter is the same way, she loves working out with me, especially when we add bands to the routine!!"

"You are so inspiring and i love what you are doing.... you still look hot πŸ˜‹," added another, while a third confessed to not being quite so talented at mixing working out with parenting: "I can not exercise with my three around! They just whinge and constantly want stuff! All power to you Anna your killin it xx πŸ’œπŸ’œ."

Of course, Strode isn't the only mom-to-be getting the word out that giving birth to β€” and then raising β€” kids, doesn't mean anyone has to give up being fit and strong, even if you can't hit the gym. There are plenty of DIY workouts for moms and other moms have found a community on Instagram where they're able to inspire each other β€” the "fit mom" who got in shape using her baby's crib as her own personal parallel bars, for example, comes to mind.

For now, though, just enjoy Strode's adorable video and remember, women really can do anything β€” and they're teaching their little ones that taking care of yourself doesn't end once you become a parent.

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