This Mom’s Instagram About Her Breastfeeding Boobs Is So Relatable

All over the country and the world, breastfeeding moms have a message: Feeding little ones this way is beautiful, natural, and normal. That's part of what Australian reality TV star Zoe Hendrix wanted to communicate when she shared a photo of her own breasts in a bikini top recently. Using the hashtag "#normalisebreastfeeding," Hendrix wrote about how her boobs are currently two very different sizes as a result of breastfeeding her daughter — and the young mom's Instagram about her breastfeeding boobs is super relatable for breastfeeding moms.

"MILK JUGS gone uneven 😮😂," Hendrix, who appeared on the Australian version of Married At First Sight, captioned the post. "One of the many joys of breastfeeding. I wondered why I got a few stares at the pool that day😂 🙈awkward!" Other hashtags of choice? "#mymilkshake" and "#bringsallthebabiestotheyard."

Hendrix's "milkshake," though, is really reserved for just one baby: Harper-Rose, the daughter she welcomed with partner Alex Garner in November. Since her first child's birth, Hendrix has devoted much of her Instagram presence to sharing her personal joys and struggles with breastfeeding.

The "MILK JUGS gone uneven" post was particularly notable because this particular breastfeeding hiccup isn't one that many people are necessarily talking about. But it is a real issue, with a few simple possible causes that are pretty easy to address. According to, a mom and baby duo might begin favoring one breast over the other at meal times for reasons like a baby's ear infection making one side uncomfortable, or a breast infection making one breast's milk taste salty. And because breastfeeding thrives on supply and demand, neglecting one boob is likely to cause it to produce less milk and end up noticeably smaller than the other. Making a concerted effort to feed from both sides can help to remedy this.

Earlier on in her breastfeeding journey, Hendrix went public about dealing with mastitis and praised both stay-at-home moms and working moms alongside a photo of herself breastfeeding. In a post in which she wrote about the difficulties she and Harper experienced learning how to properly latch for breastfeeding, she essentially reminded all breastfeeding women that they're incredible: "Our bodies are extraordinary ladies we must never forget or be made to feel we are doing anything but what our breasts were created to do!🙏🏼❤"

For Hendrix, the message is clear: Even when your boobs are two drastically different sizes and breastfeeding feels hard to do, it's so worth it.