This Mom's Takedown Of The "Perfect Mom" Myth Is A Great Reminder To Go Easy On Yourself

We've all been there — envying the mom on the playground with her hair and makeup perfectly done, kids in pristine, pressed clothes behaving like little adults instead of tiny monsters out to rob you of sleep and sanity. Well, this viral video shows how the "Perfect Mom" myth is just that — a myth — while warning parents against the temptation to compare yourself to other moms by romanticizing their experience. Nobody is perfect, not even shopping aisle supermoms. The old adage "perfection is the enemy of good" is doubly true when the perfection only exists in your mind — and this video blog proves it.

Vlogger Kristina Kuzmic recently went viral for her insistence that no parent has it all together all of the time. And in her latest video blog, Kuzmic tackled the persistent myth of "That Perfect Mom." You may have spotted one of these women on the playground or in the grocery store and thought to yourself, "Why can't I ooze that confidence?"

Personally, that exact thought runs through my mind every time I visit a certain cousin of mine with her impeccably clean house despite the presence of — ahem — two toddlers and a menagerie of pets. No one's life is as perfect as we imagine it though and, as Kuzmic reminds us, however, we never know the private struggles of the moms we see. In the video, she features three real moms and outlines their private struggles to prove this point.

Despite their seemingly perfect appearance, the moms appearing in the video have gone through painful experiences such as heartache, illness, and crippling financial insecurity. As Kuzmic said in her powerful video:

Every single mom you have ever compared yourself to, she has her own struggles. You don’t know what she deals with alone, at home behind closed doors ... We all have those moments on the floor doubting ourselves, worrying about our future or packing up our past.

Watch the full video below:

Since being posted to Facebook, this video has racked up more than 1.7 million views and nearly tens of thousands of likes and shares. Many of the commenters shared their own personal struggles thanked Kuzmic for the relatable nature of her video. One such comment reads:

Wow this really hit home for me, battling stage 4 cancer, raising my 20 month old grandson & 14 year old son, I am SOOO exhausted & often feel guilty that I'm not doing enough.

Another pointed out the more serious nature of this video as compared to many of the vlogger's other posts:

Thank you so much. I came across your videos because they are so funny and well-made, but I wasn't expecting to hear this. I'm not a Mom, but this touched me enough to bring tears to my eyes. I'm glad you do what you do.

In her captioning of the video, Kuzmic underlines the necessary message behind the video, writing: "This might be one of the most important videos I've made."

It certainly is a message that many of us need to hear from time to time. With the power of social media transporting us into the impossibly spotless kitchens of imaginary Instagram moms, it is hard not to feel as though you don't live up. Thankfully, Kuzmic is here to remind all of the moms out there that they are doing just fine. More importantly, the next time you feel the urge to impose an unrealistically perfect backstory on a nice mom you see out with her kids, remember that she may be having a tough time, too. We could all use a little more camaraderie between moms. Toddlers can be monsters enough on their own without the help of the Green Monster.