There's Now A Mario Kart Monopoly Game & It Sounds Super Fun!

Board game and video game fans, it’s time to celebrate, because Hasbro is releasing a crossover of your two favorites — Monopoly and Mario Kart. The new Monopoly Gamer: Mario Kart Edition is an awesome mix of the two games you love and it’s taking them to a whole new level of fun. If you’re ready to leave the boardwalk to hit that Rainbow Road, here are some exciting things you need to know about Hasbro’s new Mario Kart Monopoly game.

Unlike the Monopoly Super Mario Edition, which was a themed version of the classic Monopoly board game, this Mario Kart version has tons of cool changes, twists, and features that will make it vastly different than the classic. While the concept of buying up as many properties as you can is still the same, the new game brings in all the excitement of a Mario Kart race, with a few rule changes and a lot more competition.

If you’re ready to race, you can find the new Monopoly Gamer available at GameStop today, and it should be available at other major retailers on June 1. In the meantime, get your game face ready by checking out some of the coolest features of the new Monopoly Mario Kart game.


There Are Coins Instead of Dollars

The new Monopoly Mario Kart features coins instead of traditional monopoly money, so you can get a chance to coin up in true Mario Kart style. And unlike the original, this new game doesn’t end when you bankrupt the rest of the players. Instead, the winner is determined on the amount of coins and properties collected, along with the amount of races won.


Play With Your Favorite Racers

Everyone has a favorite player they race with in Mario Kart, and now you can play with Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, or Toad. The character playing tokens are adorable, and they each have their own unique powers and abilities.


There’s A Grand Prix

Get ready for some steady competition, because in the new Monopoly Mario Kart board game, every time a player passes go, they kick off a Grand Prix race which requires dodging the usual tossing shells and banana peels. When the race is over, depending on how well each player ranked, there are prizes and you can even get the coveted “Grand Prix Card."


You Can Add More Characters

Sometime this summer, as mentioned by My Nintendo News, you can buy an add-on “Power Pack” which will feature more of your favorite characters, including Yoshi, Rosalina, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Metal Mario, and Shy Guy.


5. There’s a Power-Up Die

Unlike the traditional dice that come with the classic version, the new Mario Kart Monopoly board game comes with a Power-Up die and a number die. This allows you to get a power-up boost, in true Mario Kart fashion, along with the ability to pick up coins, drop bananas, and toss shells to throw your opponents off track.


Some Things Are True To The Classic

While the new Mario Kart Monopoly game comes with tons of fun twists and rule changes, it still has some features that remain true to the classic Monopoly board game. You still have to move around the board, roll the dice, pick a card, collect properties, charge rent to players who land on your property, and there’s still a jail that you can end up in. So, in essence, it’s all the fun of Monopoly with the added excitement of a Mario Kart race.


It’s Under $30

The Monopoly Gamer: Mario Kart Edition offers all kinds of exciting fun for the family, and it’s affordable, too. My Nintendo News reported that it should be available at most major retailers this summer for $25. As of now however, it is listed on Gamestop’s website for $30.

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