This Exclusive Clip From 'Trolls: The Beat Goes On' Gets The Day Started

When Trolls: The Beat Goes On! premiered on Netflix, it stayed true to its title. Not only did it continue the story started in its feature-length predecessor Trolls, it embraced the movie's musical elements wholeheartedly. The show features original music in nearly all its episodes, and this exclusive new song from Trolls: The Beat Goes On! will make your mornings much more exciting. And considering how tough it can be to start the day, you and your little ones might appreciate an upbeat, musical boost.

When Season 4 of Trolls: The Beat Goes On! debuts on Netflix on Nov. 2, it will pick up where its first three seasons left off. The show follows Branch and Queen Poppy through every up and down of life in Troll Village. Sometimes they're sent on magical quests, or they have to defeat unexpected foes; they have fun holidays to celebrate and friends to help out. That last situation provides the inspiration in this Season 4 clip. When glitter troll Guy Diamond would rather sleep the day away than do anything else, Poppy and Branch take it upon themselves to wake him up. And they do so, very fittingly, with a song called "Wake Up!"

The clip opens with Poppy, Branch, and Guy Diamond in what appears to be Guy Diamond's shiny silver home. They're surrounded by crumpled papers and a chalkboard that indicate some unexplained storyline from the rest of the episode, but there are more immediate issues to deal with. "Come on, we gotta find a way to wake him up!" Poppy exclaims, and then attempts to do just that begin.

But nothing seems to work. A fluffy creatures who serves as an alarm clock can't wake Guy Diamond with its loud beeping, so Poppy and Branch turn to tunes. The song begins with a repeated refrain of its title before the trolls sing, "It's time to rise and shine! Hit that daily grind!" Guy Diamond remains unconvinced (and totally asleep) throughout the intro, even as Poppy and Brand bounce him on a giant animal like a trampoline.

Stinky diapers don't wake Guy Diamond, nor do defibrillators that shock him so effectively you can see his entire skeleton. Branch tries some puppetry while they sing about seizing the day, but Guy Diamond prefers to seize his nap time instead. No matter how much water they throw on him or loud noises they make, Poppy and Branch can't get him to stir.

The song is as energetic as Poppy and Branch's many attempts, so it's a surprise that it doesn't make a dent in Guy Diamond's slumber. Any kids watching are sure to find themselves bopping along, and might even be inspired to leave dreamland behind themselves. Guy Diamond ends the clip still sprawled in the grass, snoring away while Branch and Poppy look on in disappointment. But with this catchy tune in your arsenal now, it might make it a little easier to get started in the morning. Guy Diamond may be a tough one to wake up, but this song would perk up anyone else.