This One Tweet Illustrated The Biggest Problem With The Orlando Shooting

During Pride Month, a time in which this country stops to celebrate the LGBT community, a mass shooting has left the Orlando community, and the nation, in shock. Around 2 a.m. Sunday morning, an unidentified man shot and killed 50 people inside Pulse Nightclub, injuring 53 others. Orlando authorities have described this horrific loss of life as an, "act of domestic terrorism," saying the shooter was "well organized and prepared." The suspect was shot and killed by authorities.

(Update: The FBI has updated the death toll to 49 victims. The shooter was also killed.)

It's hard to quantify our collective reactions to gun violence, as this (sadly) seems to be a reoccurring theme in our country. It's as if we have a "play book" by which we retrace our steps and re-live the pain and heartache that only senseless gun violence and massive losses of life, can provide. And during a contentious presidential election in which candidates on both sides of the political aisle have warned about world terrorism and terrorist organizations like ISIS and the threat refugees or immigrants pose to the United States, it seems our political leaders (and even ourselves) are overlooking the biggest threat to acceptance, diversity and inclusion; traits this country generally boasts about having and providing it's citizens.

Our culture's problem with either failing to recognize or outright ignoring the terrorism that exists within our country (terrorism that is often perpetrated by privileged, cisgender white men) was best illustrated by this one tweet, in which a twitter user took to social media to outline the gravity of the situation.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the lives lost, their families, their loved ones and the entire LGBT community. This story is developing and the FBI is now involved in what will be an ongoing investigation.