Here's Where To Find A Custom 'Sesame Street' Sign Like Chrissy Teigen's For Luna

Sesame Street is one of those classic TV shows that is just universally loved by kids. You may have watched it when you were little, and now your own kid is probably also a fan. It's pretty much the perfect show, and it's easy to fuel your kid's obsession, like with these personalized Sesame Street signs.

The Sesame Street lamp post sign is an iconic prop in the show, one that you see prominently in each and every episode. So for kids who love the show, getting a personalized version of this street sign is really exciting. Etsy user PartyThemeProps makes the cutest personalized Sesame Street lamp post signs. They're small (they barely hit 2 feet tall), but they look exactly like the lamp posts on Sesame Street.

You can get these customized to say whatever you want. Obviously your kid's first or last name is a great option, but you can request any other word you'd like. You can also choose to leave it as just the lamp post sign, or you can add one of your favorite characters to hang off the post. They can pretty much do any character you request.

While these seem to have been created as small party decorations, you can definitely use them wherever you see fit. They would make an adorable edition to your child's bedroom or dresser. Or take a cue from the person who inspired me to find these signs in the first place, and add them to their bookshelf, like Chrissy Teigen did for her daughter Luna.

Teigen's Twitter thread about her at-home classroom setup for Luna featured a photo of a really sweet tree-shaped bookshelf with a personalized Sesame Street lamp post almost identical to this one perched up high.

Of course, this wasn't the only impressive part of Teigen's virtual learning setup. Everything she put together for Luna and her son Miles looks professional and basically perfect. (But are we really surprised?) There are cubbies for her backpack and shoes, a table and chairs, an entire kitchen setup, plenty of educational toys, and, as a bonus, gorgeous views outside.

The best thing about this Twitter thread though was Teigen offering to help other teachers as much as possible. In another tweet in the thread, she wrote, "If you are a teacher in need of supplies for the upcoming school year, please drop your amazon wishlist here, I will do as many as I can!"

Later, she updated her followers on the situation, saying, "Today I cleared 50 entire lists and countless extra items were purchased from lovely people just passing through. Will do more this week and would love to focus on struggling districts and special needs. Please keep posting in this thread!" I love to see Teigen's generosity, especially in times like this.

And I love the darling Sesame Street touch in her classroom, full of sunny days and where the air is sweet.