This Bride Dropped Everything On Her Wedding Day To Breastfeed Her Baby

Women who breastfeed are super women. When duty calls, they must drop everything and go, even if they're occupied with one of the most important days of their lives. Women are capable of breastfeeding at any place, during any time — from marathons, to work, to even their own wedding. Breastfeeding moms always show that they're the strongest, most capable women around and this photo of a mom breastfeeding on her wedding day only further proves just that.

There are so many things for someone to worry about on their wedding day and listing those things would take all would take all day. There are so many people to keep happy — from the guests, to your in-laws, to yourself, let alone your own child. But for the moms who have given birth before getting married, they know that the most important guest in attendance is their own child. And when their baby is still breastfeeding, their happiness is the first priority.

While most guests get the pleasure of partaking in an open bar and an array of delicious food, babies who are breastfed need their food from only one source — the bride, in this case. One mom, Desiree Benter, had to breastfeed her baby during her wedding, and shared her story in a post with the Facebook page Breastfeeding Mama Talk.

According to the Facebook post, Benter's baby girl, Lydia, had been born prematurely and had struggled with breastfeeding for the first two months of her life. Benter's decision to breastfeed right before her wedding ceremony not only represented how much her child needed her, but the long journey she had gone through to exclusively breastfeed her daughter in that moment. So Benter's friend, Jade Dix, snapped a picture of the mother and daughter with her cell phone. Benter wrote in the Facebook post:

15 minutes before going down the aisle, this little lady needed her mama. I have never felt so empowered. I love being her mama and I love the bond we share through breastfeeding.

Photos taken on wedding days are the kind of photos that couples will want to remember forever. Wedding photos are meant to capture the couple in their happiest moment, documenting the penultimate party after the journey it took to get there. Benter's decision to have her wedding photographer, Haley Lent, take a photo of her daughter being breastfed fit into this.

Benter told Romper that she didn't second guess her photographer capturing this moment between her and her infant. All day, the photographer had been capturing photos of Benter and her daughter getting ready. But right before she was about to greet her future husband at the end of the aisle, her daughter, Lydia, got hungry. So her photographer decided to capture the moment, as well. Benter told Romper:

Lydia needed to be fed before the ceremony (in hopes that she wouldn't make too much noise) so I fed her! My friend was there and I wanted a picture of us nursing in my wedding dress so she snapped a picture.

While there were so many things that Benter could have been thinking about in that moment, she wanted to take that special time to focus on her daughter. "In that moment, all I could think about is how amazing it felt to be her mom," Benter told Romper. "To be able to breastfeed after all the obstacles we had overcome. I felt beautiful. The moment was beautiful. It was perfect."

This is so refreshing to hear. Especially after some brides have gone as far as to ban their guests from breastfeeding in certain areas at their weddings and prohibiting them from doing it publicly as to not disturb their guests. But Benter's decision to do it in front of the cameras, capture the memory forever, and share her story with the rest of the world is so admirable.

Benter told Romper that she was inspired to share the photo of her breastfeeding after a local Facebook group had helped her through her breastfeeding journey. She shared the photo from her wedding with them first, and then decided it needed a larger audience, if only to end the stigma of public feedings. Benter told Romper:

I wanted people to see breastfeeding IS beautiful. It IS normal. You can feed your baby anywhere, any time, and it doesn't matter who's looking.

Benter is right. Breastfeeding is beautiful and these photos only highlight the beauty of it and are memories that they will treasure forever.

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