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Get A Glimpse Of This Gorgeous Never-Before-Seen Photo Of Harry & Meghan

Just when you thought you'd seen every image of the royals known to mankind, well... you'd be wrong. Thanks to some eagle-eyed social media followers, this photo of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle displayed at Kensington Palace has never been seen before, as People reported, and is thought to actually be from their engagement shoot.

When you're decorating your home — whether it's an apartment, first house, or uh, you know, palace — you want to put personal touches around, particularly pictures of you and your loved ones. This is especially true when you're having company over, and you want your space to seem as warm and welcoming as possible, not to mention that the photos bring back happy memories, too.

Such seems to be the case with Prince Harry's interior decorating, as during a Tuesday morning meeting with Nepalese Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, he had a photo of him and wife Markle fully on display. What's interesting about it, though, is that it's never been seen before, as Hello! Magazine reported. In it, Prince Harry and Markle are standing facing one another, and the Duchess of Sussex has her hand on Prince Harry's chest. She's wearing a pale blue, off-the-shoulder dress that fans and followers hadn't seen before.

Some believe it's from their engagement, as People reported, based solely on her pose (it seems to be showing her left hand prominently).

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In honor of the meeting, the family's Instagram account Sussex Royal posted a debriefer on Prince Harry's long-term relationship with The Ghurkas and the people of Nepal. It was posted next to a photo of him as a child there.

"The Duke has a particularly close bond to The Gurkha’s, having served with The 1st Battalion in Afghanistan in 2007/2008. The Gurkha’s have taken part in operations in Kosovo, Bosnia, East Timor, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Australia and Iraq and share a 203 year relationship with the UK. At the end of his 2016 visit, The Duke joined Team Rubicon volunteers to help a remote village whose community had been destroyed in the earthquake," the post explained.

It went on to say that Prince Harry has spent time in Nepal outside of military operations, and has been "inspired" by the warmth and hospitality of the people, and has participated in rebuilding schools and safe spaces for children in the aftermath of monsoon seasons.

Of course, for such a meaningful meeting, it only makes sense that the royals were sure to have personal family portraits displayed prominently in the room.

The sweet secret photo comes just days after Markle made a brief appearance during maternity leave to support the the royal family at the annual Trooping the Colour, in honor of the Queen's birthday. The Sussex Royal IG also posted an update for that occasion as well.

Though it does seem surprising that Duchess Meghan made an exception to do an appearance just a few weeks after giving birth, it could be because the parade is regarded as one of the biggest royal events of the year, featuring "over 1,400 parading soldiers, 200 horses and 400 musicians [that] come together each June in a great display of military precision, horsemanship, and fanfare to mark The Queen's official birthday," as the royal's official website notes. Given that, as Yahoo! Lifestyle reported, the tradition has been going on for over 260 years, it makes sense that Markle decided to step out.

Whether it's the exclusive appearance or a never-before-seen photo, the world is still getting its Meghan Markle and Prince Harry fill, even while the parents acclimate to their new life as a family of three.