The Reason This Pregnant Woman Was Told To Leave A Restaurant Will Infuriate You

While it may be 2017, society still has a long way to go in terms of acceptance and equality. Yes, sexism is alive and well, and unfortunately, it seems like women get criticized for just about everything and anything they do. Even when they are literally making another human inside of them, women have to deal with too much nonsense on a daily basis. And examples of this never seem to stop. One of the most recent examples of this — yeah, you read that headline correctly — a pregnant woman was told to leave a restaurant for wearing a crop top, and the reason why is so ridiculous.

Charisha Raylee Gobin of Washington state, took to her Facebook page to express her anger at Buzz Inn Steakhouse in Marysville after she was allegedly told to leave because of her outfit. "I was just denied service at the Buzz Inn on State Avenue in Marysville for my outfit," she wrote on Facebook. "I'm violating the health code," she explained, followed by a series of the middle finger emoji. And honestly, I really don't think there could be a more precise use of that specific emoji.

A woman being denied service because of what she was wearing? Not only is that sexist, but it's doubtful that a non-pregnant woman wearing the exact same crop top would be denied service at all.

According to local NBC affiliate K5, Gobin hadn't even felt like going out to dinner but her mother and sister both wanted to, so she decided to "suck it up and be their driver." However, once Gobin — who is reportedly pregnant with twins by the way — arrived at the restaurant, things got messy.

Allegedly, a waitress simply told her to leave, citing a health code violation as the reason. After Gobin's Facebook post quickly began to go viral, the restaurant issued a statement, apologizing:

We sincerely apologize for the misunderstanding and will cover with all staff as to how to not overly enforce a rule that is intended to make all guests feel comfortable. The server in question has been with our company and a great employee for almost 20 years and was trying to use her best judgement and by no means was trying to be demeaning to the guest. Again our sincere apology for misunderstanding.

Romper reached out to Buzz Inn Steakhouse for comment on the reported incident and is awaiting a response.

It's unclear what exact piece of the Washington health code Gobin was accused of violating, but that really isn't the point. At the core of this issue is that someone was uncomfortable with a pregnant woman's body, which really is a huge problem in society.

Pregnancy is beautiful and natural and there is absolutely nothing wrong with flaunting off a gorgeous body that's growing a tiny human inside of it. Also: