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One Quote Proves Women Run This Season Of 'Game of Thrones"

Now that Daenerys is in Westeros on Game of Thrones, she's meeting with power players and forming alliances left and right as she prepares to take on Cersei for the Iron Throne. In "Stormborn," Dany spoke with Ellaria Sand and Olenna Tyrell — and the latter gave her some real words of wisdom. This quote from Olenna's speech on Game of Thrones proves women are running this season: "I've known a great many clever men. I've outlived them all."

Olenna didn't stop there, either. She asked Dany the tough questions and doled out advice with practically every line she spoke. She explained that being loved by the people was not enough to earn Dany the Iron Throne; Margaery had been beloved, after all, and she was still murdered by Cersei. Dany needed to strike fear into the hearts of the people, too.

According to Olenna, the peace Dany sought had never existed in Westeros. And while Tyrion was a useful and clever advisor, his cleverness wouldn't be enough, either. Olenna said that the reason she'd outlived so many clever men was because she ignored them. "The lords of Westeros are sheep," she said. "Are you a sheep? No. You're a dragon. Be a dragon."

Of course, Olenna's advice to Dany did serve her own ends as well. She wanted Dany to take action against Cersei because Olenna's family was decimated at Cersei's hands. But she also had much more experience in Westerosi politics; she knew how things worked in a way Dany didn't, because she's witnessed all of it firsthand. She may not have had the obvious power Dany possessed, but Olenna has been subtly manipulating things for years. That was how it worked in Westeros: women were behind the scenes making power moves. But things are different now.

Nearly every major seat in the kingdoms is controlled by a woman. Dany conquered the lands beyond the Narrow Sea and intended to do the same in Westeros. Cersei put herself upon the Iron Throne. While Jon was King of the north, "Stormborn" saw him put control of the north into Sansa's hands while he travelled to meet Dany. Women have much more obvious power on the show than they had in the past.

Olenna urged Dany to utilize that immense power and take what she wanted while disposing of Cersei in the process. And it seems like it will be just a matter of time until Dany decides to follow that advice.