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This Rory & Jess Clue Might Prove 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Will Bring The Two Back Together

OK, drop everything, this is a fan emergency. The official Instagram for the upcoming revival of Gilmore Girls has posted a picture that is sure to drive shippers crazy, particularly if they're of the Team Jess variety. The Instagram account has been posting a ton of adorable teaser images and callbacks to great episodes from the show's early years, adding to the overwhelming excitement for the series' return. Most of the hints have been character- and episode-based, but this one is specific to one very popular (or controversial, depending on who you're talking to) relationship. This Rory and Jess clue might prove the Gilmore Girls revival will bring the two of them back together.

The picture is a close-up of the corner of a book with Netflix printed on the edges of the pages and something very telling scrawled along the side of the text: "I just wanted to put some notes in the margins for you." It's a pretty clear callback to Season 2, Episode 5 "Nick & Nora/Sid & Nancy," the very first episode in which Jess appeared. In the episode, he swipes a book from Rory's room and later returns it to her full of notes. The book he steals is Allen Ginsberg's Howl And Other Poems – the very same book pictured in the Instagram post.

The picture is also captioned "Goodnight, Dodger" in reference to Rory's reaction to the book theft; yet another literary reference, this time to Oliver Twist. It was definitely a big moment in Jess and Rory's relationship, though it was a very early one; it was one of the first signs of a spark between the two of them. They connected over a joint love of books, and it made it obvious that there was going to be something between the two of them. With just some notes in the margins, Jess made a big impression on Rory – and on the audience.

But could this really mean that they're getting back together? One Instagram post isn't really a confirmation (especially coming on the heels of a series of other callback pictures) and it doesn't seem likely that the show would drop such a big spoiler before any of the episodes are available. However, there's no doubt the show wanted to tease at the possibility of a Jess and Rory reunion. They're a hugely popular couple with a devoted following even all these years later. Milo Ventimiglia is returning as Jess for at least part of the revival, and fans are definitely eager to see him again, especially with Rory.

If nothing else, this post makes it clear that the people behind the scenes are thinking about Jess and Rory; they're aware of how much the fans love them, and they're keeping that in mind. Even if it doesn't signal them getting back together, it could imply that their relationship will play into the new episodes in a big way.