"Dear In-Shower Wine Glass Holder, Where Have You Been All My Life?" - Every Mom

by Lindsay E. Mack

Moms are notoriously deprived of privacy, especially when busy toddlers enter the picture. But there's one brilliant product that allows moms to make the most of whatever brief privacy they get. Really, the shower wine glass holder is perfect for any mom who just wants two seconds to herself at the end of a long day. It will help you actually enjoy an adult beverage away from the grasp of tiny toddler hands.

Although shower drinking is a relaxing activity for any adult (seriously: try it), there's something about this shower wine glass holder that's especially relatable to moms. As one mom of a toddler explained, showers are the only bit of alone time she gets during a day. And even that isn't guaranteed, because the kiddo can burst in at any moment. It's hilarious, but completely understandable, to imagine the mom of a small child trying to make the most of her alone time by sipping some wine while trying to shampoo her hair. It's a bit silly, but you do what you have to do as a busy parent. Long, chill evenings of leisurely sipping wine are not always possible right now, so that's where a glass of shower wine comes in handy. You're multitasking by introducing a little bit of adult relaxation into your daily tasks.

Granted, you probably don't want to use your best stemware for shower wine, because a shattered glass in the bathtub would be a bit disastrous. Thankfully, durable wine glasses are now a thing. These suckers can take a fall and survive.

And before you feel weird about drinking in the shower, know that there's a whole culture surrounding this activity. The showerbeer subreddit has over 74,000 subscribers, and plenty of those posts also feature shower wines. (Canned wine seems especially popular.) Drinking in the shower is officially a Thing, so just know that you're in good company. Someone, somewhere in the world is doing the same thing. Maybe even another mom who just needs a second to breathe, because OMG little kids have so much freaking energy. Now at least you can have a handy wine holder to keep shower water out of your wine. Hopefully, your shower can become a tiny oasis of relaxation for at least a few minutes, and you can emerge refreshed and ready to go.