This Smart Diaper Alerts You If Baby Poops, So Say Bye-Bye To The Sniff Test

First-time parents have to take a little time to adjust to diaper duty and figure out what's best for your baby, whether that's realizing a certain brand doesn't work for your infant, or that you're just not swapping out those suckers fast enough. Well, the baby-changing hack of the future is here. This "Smart Diaper" alerts you if your kid has pooped or peed — here's how it works.

As tech website CNET explained, South Korean company Monit has invented an actual piece of technology that will prevent you from having to perform the famous "sniff test" to see if your bundle of joy has gone number one or number two. (If you are not a parent, the sniff test is just what you think, you gotta smell things out down there. I know...)

Of course, this ritual of parenthood isn't exactly anyone's favorite part. So Monit came up with a Bluetooth sensor that simply clips onto the outside of a baby's diaper, CNET added.

The device was on display at the huge technology trade fair, the Consumer Electronics Show, in Las Vegas earlier this month, CNET reported.

Website Technohealthhub detailed that the sensor can detect whether the diaper is wet, or dirty, and promptly alert a parents or caregiver, which could also help a poor little baby avoid the diaper rashes and urinary tract infections that could potentially develop a from baby sitting around in all that moisture and, well... you know.

The info is downloaded to any smartphone using the Android or iOS app, so you can track all of baby's stats for your peace of mind — and you'll no longer have to guess if they've done their business yet or not.

It sounds to me like this concept is pure genius for moms trying to keep track of what's going on with their baby, particularly early on during breastfeeding, when it's super-important to make sure baby is getting enough nutrition to thrive. The data from the sensor can be used to track diaper consumption and baby's total elimination and overall sleeping patterns, CNET noted, so you can have peace of mind.

The device launched at the end of last year in Korea and Japan, but Monit has teamed with Kimberly Clark, manufacturer of Huggies, to bring the technology stateside in April, CNET noted.

The company's YouTube promos explain that the creators of the product were also fathers who were trying to figure out ways to make things easier at home with a young one. Really smart.

CNET reported that Monit also intends to create a subscription service based on the sensor's information that provides unlimited diapers and other services for baby, although the specifics on that haven't yet been announced. I'm super-curious about the deets for this, which, again, sounds like it's all about making parents' lives easier.

As Technohealthhub added, Monit previously won an award for being the best kids product in the ABC Kids Expo, a trade show for kids consumer products, in 2016. So these guys mean business.

It's amazing to see all the baby inventions that come along, and how things change so quickly in just the couple years since I had my last baby.

And while some people might not love the idea of their kids being attached to a Bluetooth device all day, it's good that parents continue to have more offerings that allow them to juggle everything else so they can focus on the most important thing of all: family.