Michaels Has An Entire Halloween Village & The Details Are *So* Good

by Cat Bowen
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Is there anything more wonderful than a fun, seasonal mantel tableau? I think not. For years, Christmas has dominated the fireplace market, but not anymore. Now, Halloween decor is getting the figurine respect it deserves with the Spooky Town Village from Michaels Stores.

The new set is designed as though they took a Victorian holiday village, and somehow made it more kitschy and goth than the original. (And given the Christmas Carol Dickens vibe, that was hard to do.) The set ranges in price from $5 for a single character to $140 dollars for the Spooky Town pub. The colors are far more fun and whimsical than the muted tones of a traditional mantel village, and the subject matter is obviously something special. The collection is vast, including a jazz cafe that has a feel of a French Quarter club, albeit with a cartoon vibe, and the trumpet players are skeletons.

For Halloween lovers, this set could be that little "something" that takes your decorations from mere spooky seasonal accessories to full blown "we're doing this" holiday treatment. The high-end, light-up buildings and intricately carved figurines will make your indoor decor something memorable, something worthy of being taken out year after year. You can continue adding to it, too, which is such a fun way to collect these pieces.

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Halloween has been historically overlooked in the decor department, but for the past several years, retailers are really working on their game, knowing that for many of us, this is the holiday of the year. The Spooky Town Village at Michaels proves to all of us celebrants of Samhain that they've been listening. And they've really got millennial tastes down to a science, as evidenced by the fact that one of the buildings in Spooky Town is a Best Buds Dog Supply Store. The store is complete with little puppers visible inside the windows, getting groomed while their canine friends jostle on the corner, giving a playful look at the tempting decorations overhead. It's almost too cute to be spooky.

Beyond the dogs and jazz cafe, the village gets meta with a pumpkin stand and Halloween decor store I think Jack Skellington would be proud to shop. Seriously, this town has everything — including a haunted outhouse, which I think might be the actual worst. (I don't need a ghost buddy in the loo.) The village is complete enough all on its own, but from what I know about Victorian villages, if these sell well, they'll be adding pieces each year for you to expand your collections with new, fun buildings and characters. (Gods of crafts, please make a "Boo-ery.") Get them now, before they sell out.

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