This Starbucks Barista Used Sign Language To Take A Deaf Customer's Order, So Starbucks Haters Can Take Today Off — VIDEO


Rebecca King,

a Starbucks patron who is deaf, recently shared a video of her using sign language to order at Starbucks, communicating effortlessly with the barista through a video screen at the drive thru.

She had visited the same Starbucks in St. Augustine, Florida earlier, and was taken aback by her ability to sign to the Starbucks employee.

In a statement to Buzzfeed News, Katie Wyble, the barista in the video, says she fell in love with American Sign Language when she was a child, and studied it in High School and college.

I love any opportunity to be able to use my second language ... Some of my deaf customers know me and others are happy to see I know sign. It was never a process, it just happens.

It's incredible that she is able to use her passion and bilingual abilities to communicate with those who would otherwise have a difficult time ordering coffee at a location that didn't facilitate their needs. 

Look, I know it's cool to hate on Starbucks. What, with their pumpkin spiced lattes and hidden menus and honestly, is it really that hard to understand a name and spell it correctly on a cup of coffee? (I'm completely kidding; Starbucks is made of wonder, magic, and deliciousness, and people who don't like Starbucks are miserable killjoys.) But then something like this happens and you realize that, at least for a day, there's not a single solitary reason why you should give Starbucks such a hard time. 

And when these two meet and their encounter is documented on video, well, you get all kinds of good-time feels.