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This Theory About Kai On 'AHS: Cult' Could Explain Why He's Targeting Ally

Ally and Kai's paths don't cross often in the first two episodes of American Horror Story: Cult, but it still feels like something is building between the two of them. They sit on opposite ends of the same conflict, and not just politically: Kai is all about manufacturing and manipulating fear, and Ally is totally controlled by her own terror. Kai also seems to have some kind of interest in Ally specifically. But why is Kai so focused on a woman he doesn't know? This theory about Kai on AHS: Cult could explain why he appears to be targeting Ally and inserting himself (and perhaps his clown followers) into her life.

Some viewers have begun to speculate that Kai may have a deeper connection to the Mayfair-Richards than anyone could guess at first glance: namely, that he might be the biological father of Ally's son Ozzy. It may seem like a theory that came out of nowhere, but there is some evidence to back up the surprising claim. In Episode 1, Kai's sister Winter (who just so happens to be Oz's nanny, coincidentally or not) inquired after Oz's biological dad. Oz didn't know who it was and didn't really seem to care, but the fact that Winter brought it up felt very significant. Perhaps Kai positioned Winter in Ally's house to give him a connection to his son.

That's not the only evidence, however.

Series creator Ryan Murphy posted an illustration on Instagram of Kai, Ally, Winter, Ivy, and Oz with the caption "family" — and that could be a very telling clue. It could just be a reference to the cult that they all might end up a part of (Charles Manson referred to his followers as his family, after all), but it could just as easily mean that they are all related in some way or another. There are a few possibilities about how that might be possible.

Kai may have donated sperm at some point in his life, and his sample ended up being the one Ally and Ivy used when they were trying to conceive. Or perhaps Oz was adopted; in that case, his biological mother could still be out there as well. Reddit user YDanSan speculated that perhaps Winter is actually Oz's biological mom and her fear of children is related to the fact that she gave hers up. Whether Kai would still be Oz's dad in that scenario is an uncomfortable question for another day.

Another theory takes a turn for Rosemary's Baby. Reddit user Nomaam8 remarked on Oz's resemblance to both Ivy and Kai (or a Tate Langdon-era Evan Peters) and speculated that they might be Oz's biological parents — but not through accidental circumstances. It's possible that Ivy's mild-mannered facade is actually hiding a dedicated cult member. Ivy does sometimes seem too nice to be true, so she could be hiding something. She's always waving off Ally's fears and she's even the butcher in the family; the dead body found in the restaurant was found on Ivy's territory. Maybe she's been setting Ally up for years. Perhaps Ivy conceived Oz with Kai during her time in the cult, or arranged for him to be Oz's dad if Ally was the one who carried the baby.

Reddit user Anon33157 even wondered if Kai wanted to groom Oz to take over the cult in the future, which would be why he sent Winter into the house to indoctrinate Oz and desensitize him to violence. It's still too early in the season to know just how everything will link up, but there are no coincidences on American Horror Story. There are just twists that haven't happened yet.

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