This Three-Legged Cat And A Little Girl Whose Arm Was Amputated Are BFFs, & Nothing Hurts Right Now — PHOTOS

If I were to ask you what the most heart-warming things in the world are, what would you say? Babies? Kittens? Babies and kittens? Well, today we're learning about a sweet story out of Southern California that features one of each. Though, there's a bit of a backstory that makes it all the more touching: Scarlette Tipton, now two years old, was born with precursor to cancer in her body, requiring amputation of her arm at just 10 months old. Doc, a three-month-old kitten, lost a leg in mid-December after being found severely injured. I know — two super sad stories, right? Total bummer, all around.

The week following Doc's injury, the Tipton family learned of the kitten and visited her on Christmas Eve. They've since adopted her, adding her to their family so that their daughter has someone to love and to relate to as she grows. In fact, they'd been intentionally looking for a pet who'd undergone an amputation for this very purpose.

OK, is it just me, or has anyone else's eyes started spontaneously leaking? Admittedly, I can't relate to the specifics of this family's story so I don't want to pretend to understand, but that said I love, love, love the idea of finding a special pet for Scarlette to grow with. More information about Scarlette and her treatment can be found on the family's Facebook page. In the meantime, they were kind enough to share some recent photos of their newest addition:

Little Faces!

Ahh! I can't deal with these two already.

This Family

So extraordinary. If something so upsetting has to happen, at least it's clearly happened to a family with more than enough love to get through it.

Oh, Hey.

Is it wrong to steal a kitten from a toddler? Because, I mean...


Nope. They obviously belong together. No cat-stealing today.


Finishing this post might be the end of me, you guys. This might be it. I don't know if I'll ever be able to make words happen again after looking at these two.

What Even Are Words?

I've forgotten. I have forgotten everything I ever knew except how much I adore these two creatures.

Goodbye, Internet.

Here lies Dena's career: She lost her ability to use words after seeing a series of photos of an impossibly cute cat/kid duo.

Images: Courtesy of Tipton Family(7)