This Time-Lapse Pregnancy Announcement Video Is The Best One Ever (Out Of Roughly A Million) — VIDEO

Just when I thought I’d seen it all when it comes to pregnancy videos, Mark and Brittany Sherman take it to a completely new level of awesome with their recent week-by-week timelapse, aka, the best pregnancy video ever. There are international locations, intrigue, Coldplay, and some of the most glorious pregnancy style I’ve ever seen. Plus, it’s chock full of general cuteness and happy imagery that represent all those amazing, exciting feelings that we have during pregnancy. It almost (almost) makes me want to go through it all again. I’ll settle for living vicariously through Brittany and her family, who blog and vlog at "Those Crazy Shermans," where you'll also find includes links to all their social media. 

In addition to now being obsessed with her flawless pregnancy wardrobe (because we all know how hard it is to avoid maternity wardrobe malfunctions) I kinda want to befriend this couple so our kids can grow up together and possibly marry, or at least form a tight and genuine bond of friendship that surpasses distance, time, and all other earthly obstacles. No pressure. Speaking of earthly obstacles, the Shermans took their video all across the globe, as we see them through the early weeks in Africa and their babymoon in Amsterdam before we finally end in California. All the while, their adorable toddler Zoey stays involved, swooping in and out of the photos. Here are some of the most creative moments:

Here we see Mark demonstrating a fancy maneuver during which he vanishes and leaves his clothes behind to melt. Have no fear! He immediately reappears, so he couldn't have gone far. 

The English major in me appreciates Brittany's coral top and the foreshadowing it provides before their big gender reveal. 

Amsterdam looks lovely this time of year!

This is pretty much the baby shower of my dreams. Get out of my head, Shermans!

No, you're getting teary-eyed. 

 Here’s the super-cute video in its entirety:

The Best Part?

This is the sequel, you guys. They did the same thing to celebrate the birth of their first daughter, Zoey. While not as elaborate or detailed as the second clip, the original does include a brief The Lion King moment during which Mark lifts his first daughter over his head, which was, of course, my personal favorite.

Images: Mark Sherman/YouTube(5)