This Toddler's Makeup Job Is Honestly The Best Thing Ever

A lot of things are good, OK? Netflix, wine, belting out every single word to Eamon's "I Don't Want You Back" alone in your car. But this video of a toddler wearing her mom's makeup and ultimately looking like Beetlejuice, laughing like a loon, and sweetly telling her mother, that, no, actually, I'm mad at you will definitely be the best thing about your week. Because when you're a tiny Canadian girl with attitude for miles, rockin' streaks of mascara and who know what else all over your face really just works, you know?

According to The Daily Mail, Caroline Blair uploaded the hysterical two-minute clip after her daughter, Lily, secretly raided her makeup bag earlier this year. But with her red lipstick way outside the lines and goops of what's probably mascara (or maybe liquid eyeliner??) painted all over her cheeks and kind of in the vicinity of her eyes, Lily couldn't exactly hide her foray into the makeup for long. Just like adult women everywhere who crash at night only to smear foundation and eyeliner all over their pillows, Lily has not yet embraced the art of makeup removal.

And thank God she hasn't. Honestly, after watching the video below, I have one overwhelming reaction: Lily the Canadian baby for president.

Honestly, why not? Lily is refreshingly straightforward. When her mom asks whether she took the makeup, Lily says yes and explains that she did so because she wanted to. Did she waste a lot of the makeup? "Yeah," Lily answers, after mugging proudly for the camera. Lily is also on the charm offensive, giggling like crazy and making her mom laugh, too (and temporarily making her forget that she was trying to discipline her daughter). And making friends with your interrogator when you're in deep doo-doo is quite the challenge — it's a skill that President Donald Trump surely hasn't mastered, that's for sure.

Finally, Lily is a master of the politicians' pivot. "I'm really mad at you," her mom, Caroline, tells her at one point. And Lily is lightning quick with her reply. "I'm mad at you," she responds. Genius.

Eventually, Lily does offer up a "sorry" for her antics. As far as I'm concerned, though, no sorry is needed. Let's get this baby her own makeup tutorial channel on YouTube and some Lily For President (or at least the Senate) merch ASAP. Lily is the future of this country — all the way from Canada.