This Toddler Who Put A Basket On Her Head On Live TV Will Make Your Entire Day

There's a lot to love about toddlers Camden and Ryleigh Whiddon. Three-year-old Camden, who was born without arms or legs, has been taking over the internet and stealing hearts when viral video clips of him showcasing his big heart and independence despite his disability have gone viral. In fact, their whole Texas-based family appeared on Good Morning Britain Monday morning to talk about the inspiring little boy's impressive feats. But, this time, it was his younger sister who stole the show with her hilarious antics. And, honestly, the footage of the toddler with a basket on her head will make your whole entire day.

The family — which includes Ryleigh and Camden's mom, Katie; her fiancé, Cole; and the couple's baby son, Jaxton — was featured on the British morning show to talk about a video in which Camden managed to climb four playground steps and head down a slide despite having no limbs. It's a bit awe-inspiring, really, and his mother and her fiancé praise his independent spirit and his determination and ability to learn to do things on his own terms. All the while, Ryleigh prances around in front of the camera in the studio in Dallas as the adults chat long-distance with hosts Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan.

And then, the most adorable thing happens: After disappearing for a hot sec, Ryleigh returns with a blue plastic crate over her head like it's totally NBD.

Let's just pause right here to say that this was both funny and sweet. Ryleigh is a toddler who likely had very little concept of what all the adults were talking about, and who probably didn't even know she was on live TV. But Piers Morgan, who's incredibly unpopular in both the United States and his native Britain, decided to laughingly take the the opportunity to throw some shade her way:

What [Camden] is going to have is an older sister who's clearly, every time he does an interview, going to try and steal the show by putting a large blue basket on her head.
That is going to be a bigger problem for Camden than almost anything else he has to deal with is the attention-seeking older sister.

Not only did Morgan mistakenly say Ryleigh is older than Camden (Katie Whiddon makes clear in her blog that Camden is the oldest), but he actually criticized a little girl as being "attention-seeking" when what she's really doing is acting like a normal rambunctious toddler. As her mom says in the segment, "That's her personality."

So, to those who know Ryleigh, the fact that she took over the interview with the blue crate is most likely no surprise at all. On her blog, Admirably Diverse, her mom describes the little girl as "WILD" and of a "different species of human":

She loves to be told that she is SO BEAUTIFUL at least 3847 times a day, she loves to get into mommy's makeup and paint herself and Camden with it, she loves shoes, necklaces, and pretty clothes. Then she loves bugs and animals, is fascinated with poop, and loves to talk about everyone's boobies.

So while Camden is tugging on your heartstrings by giving his baby brother a binky, Ryleigh is likely to be getting into a bit of mischief and shaking things up — just like she did on Good Morning Britain. The two are clearly the best of friends, however, as Ryleigh wraps up the interview by jumping onto the couch with her family and wrapping Camden in a giant hug. It's the perfect end to a endlessly entertaining interview with a fantastic family.

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