Yes, An Ugly Sweater Cookie Decorating Kit Exists, & Yes, You Need It RN

Ugly Christmas sweaters are a staple of the holiday season, and the tackier the better. Obnoxious patterns and vivid shades of red and green are a must, while over-the-top appliqués, bells, and tinsel are all superb extras. If you don't have an appropriate occasion to don your tackiest sweater this year, don't worry – Target is selling an Ugly Sweater Cookie Kit, and you'll be able to get your ugly sweater and Christmas cookie fix at the same time. Win-win!

The obsession with ugly Christmas sweaters is not new, but it's certainly been escalating in recent years. The trend first took off in the '80s, according to a 2011 TIME article. (Thanks, Chevy Chase). The ugly sweater trend dissipated in the '90s, only to come back with a vengeance in the early 2000s. "... people of all ages are feeling the ugly-sweater fever. With the rise of sweater-themed parties, guests young and old are rushing to top each other with the most frills, bows, and gauche decorations yet," stated the aforementioned TIME article. Combine the tacky sweater craze with the deliciousness of classic Christmas cookies, and you've got this pretty awesome product. Smart thinking, Target.

This Wondershop Ugly Sweater Cookie Kit ($7, Target) is truly a perfect family craft for those oh-so-long days of Christmas break, when the kids are out of school and ready for you to entertain. There's no prep work required; the kit comes with 12 pre-made vanilla cookies, pre-made icing, and assorted candy for decorating. Because there's no baking or mixing required, I'd say this activity is pretty mess-free... except, with kids involved, is anything actually mess-free?

Everything is ready to eat right out of the box, so decorate on an empty stomach at your own risk. The cookies may disappear as quickly as they're decorated. The ingredients in this kit contain wheat, milk, and eggs, so keep that in mind if any of your family members (or guests) have food allergies or restrictions.

If you're looking for a variety of Christmas sweets to serve up at a holiday party (or to keep in an office drawer at work, no judgment), Wondershop has you fully covered. While you're picking up the Ugly Sweater Cookie Kit, check out their Rudolph's Trail Mix ($10), an unreal combo of chocolate-covered cereal, graham cracker bites, M&Ms, and peanut butter cups, or their Candy Cane snack mix ($9), which comes with peppermint almonds, peppermint patties, chocolate nonpareils, almonds, cookies, and pretzels. You could host an entire dessert-decorating extravaganza with a few of the brand's other decorating kits: Gingerbread House Kit ($3), Gingerbread Train Kit ($10), Chocolate Tree Kit ($10), Gingerbread Ornament Cookie Kit ($7), and more. 'Tis the season for sugar.

The Ugly Sweater Cookie Kit is available online or in store. Before heading to your nearest store, you can check online to make sure they have it in stock. After all, there's no disappointment worse than cookie disappointment. My personal favorite thing about this cookie kit? I have subpar artistic abilities and have never pulled off the most aesthetically-pleasing Christmas cookies. With the Ugly Sweater Cookie Kit, the uglier the better. I can handle that!