Your Kid Can Draw On This Awesome Unicorn Chalkboard Tee Again & Again & Again...

Every time I think I've seen the most creative unicorn product out there, the fantasy-loving population proves me wrong. Case in point: This T-shirt with a unicorn-shaped chalkboard on it features a surface that allows kids to be crafty and fashionable at the same time. And since it's erasable, the tee offers endless hours of fun. #Winning.

Chalk Of The Town co-founders and sisters Wendy and Sondra are responsible for the unicorn tees, which are part of their line of their wearable chalkboard products. Per the company website, the duo launched their company back in 2016, deciding to sell tees and totes that feature chalk boards after noticing the old school canvases were trending on crafting sites. The idea behind the products is pretty simple: kids draw on the chalk surfaces, wear their original design, and then erase it when they're ready for some new fun.

Seriously though, the personalization aspect is great for moms and kids alike, because kids won't get bored and you won't have to keep buying them new things to ensure they're entertained this summer. The products are great for crafting as a family, or as party favors or other gifts. Plus, the unicorn option is just one of the products sold by Chalk Of The Town, so non-mythical-creature lovers can enjoy the fun too — their other designs include hearts, cats, and speech bubbles. But I'd be shocked if kids weren't feeling this cute design; check it out for yourself.

The best part is that your little artist can freshly design as many times as they want, as the shirts are made for multiple uses. As the company website states, "Chalk of the Town is designed to be used, worn, erased and washed over and over again!" Indeed, erasing the designs is super simple: You literally just wipe down the board with damp cotton, and you'll have a blank canvas for designing once again.

The boards work best with the chalk markers sold with the company's products, though you technically could use other chalk brands with these tees. Their website does warn that other chalks may not erase as well and leave stains, so it's really up to you to decide if you want to take that risk or not.

The unicorn tee retails for $30 and is available in kids sizes x-small through x-large, and the purchase includes three markers, a cotton eraser, and a special unicorn-themed stencil, as shown above. While it's not necessary to purchase additional stencils for your kid, you certainly could if you wanted to. Individual stencils retail for $4, while an extra pack of markers will set you back $18 for six.

You can check out all the products Chalk Of The Town has to offer on their website, and here to buy the unicorn tee. But don't think of getting one of the shirts as buying clothes for your kid; think of it as giving yourself the gift of a few less "Mom, I'm bored" whines this summer.