This Video Of The 'TODAY’ Team Seeing Their Kids After The Olympics Will Def Make You Cry

Now that the 2018 Winter Games are officially over (did anyone else feel like it would never end?) journalists and television personalties are returning home from PyeongChang, South Korea, to their loved ones. And because the TODAY show has a thing for making its viewers cry, it employed a camera crew to document its co-hosts coming home to their young children after two weeks away on assignment. Sounds a bit like emotional clickbait, right? Although some of you might be wondering why NBC had to turn these sweet moments into a major production (I'm not exaggerating here), there's a good chance you'll appreciate this video of The TODAY team reuniting with their kids after the Olympics. The footage is as emotional as it is heartwarming, and working parents will totally get it.

If you followed along with the Olympics this time around, you probably noticed a lot of familiar faces from TODAY, including but not limited to: Hoda Kotb, Savannah Guthrie, Al Roker, and Dylan Dreyer. For the last two weeks, Kotb, Guthrie, Roker, and Dreyer kept fans informed on everything having to do with the Olympics, from chatting with members of Team USA to updating viewers on medal counts. The group has been busy, to say the least, and they haven't had a lot of time to chat with their little ones (everyone except Roker has a child under the age of 4) at home. The good news is the TV journalists were able to reconnect with their kiddos this past weekend, and to make matters even more adorable, their emotional reunions were captured by TODAY show cameras. You can watch the cuteness unfold below:

Needless to say, this video is hitting all the right notes with parents who travel a lot for work or who struggle to balance their many responsibilities. One parent wrote, according to Instagram:

This video does a great job of capturing the emotions that working moms juggle. I’m glad to see this get attention because it’s real for many of us. It’s not an easy battle but it’s always worth it.

Someone else added:

This made my day!!! As parents it so hard to work and have a balance with life,your spouse, and kids some days it gets so overwhelming and you ask yourself am I giving my all and moments like this are the best... cause it’s all worth it at the end of the day!

"More power to working moms," another person chimed in.

Others were simply overcome with lots of emotions. One person shared:

I was CRYING while watching this at my parents house this morning... literally hiding my face so I could get out the door before anyone noticed.

"I’m crying at my desk hahaha," another fan admitted. "Omg i'm crying my eyes out," someone else replied.

But wait, don't put away those tissues just yet. In addition to the Instagram post, TODAY aired a segment on Monday that documented the co-hosts' struggle to keep in touch with their kids during the trip.

For Kotb, being away from her 1-year-old daughter, Haley, was especially difficult. And, unfortunately, Kotb missed Haley saying "mama" for the first time, according to E! Online:

Just the other day, my mom sent me this video because we've been waiting for Haley to say mama. I mean, I could cry just listening to her say that. Listening to my mom teaching her how to say mama, like, it makes me want to bawl a thousand tears.

As for Guthrie, who is mom to Vale, 3, and Charles, 1, she relied on FaceTime to see her through the tough moments. Guthrie recalled, according to E!:

I say, ‘Vale, it's sunny here, and it's nighttime there. I'm going to send my sun to you and you'll get it later today.' And she says, ‘OK, I'll send my moon to you, mommy.'

You can watch the full segment below:

Of course, it's important to point out that many parents have careers that require them to be away for months and even years at a time. When you consider this reality, it illustrates just how fortunate the TODAY team is to return home to their families after just two weeks apart. Cuteness aside, this video is an important reminder that there are many families out there who could probably use a little extra support and love right now.

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