This Video Perfectly Depicts How Insane Fall-Lovers Can Be About Declaring Their Feels For The Season

Autumn is wonderful. The changing colors and the crackling leaves and the layered clothes and the pumpkin spice... everything. Arguably, fall is the best season of the year, and still, there's one thing that's bound to ruin it for everyone else: The people who continuously say fall is wonderful. College Humor highlights the great lengths some people go to proclaim their unique love for fall in this hilarious video. And frankly, I'm glad we now, at long last, have a definitive, concise depiction of how obnoxious it is when people aggressively need to define themselves by their affinity for a season. These people feel the need to go above and beyond in order to claim their love for fall as the most intense love that has ever been loved, and no one could possibly have such a deep connection with the season the way they do, and it's kinda the worst. It's harshing our fall chill. 

So, yes, love your PSLs and run through piles of leaves like you're 5 years old again, but if you're carrying on conversations like the one below, know that you're everything that is wrong with fall.

"It Resonates"

Yeah, yeah, we get it. Don't use your pithy little words to try and claim ownership over an entire season. 

"It's Something More"

Invalidating another person's feelings to add validity to your own? Cute! Cozy! 

"A Frosty Morning Chill"

You embrace being cold? False. No one does. And saying that you enjoy scraping frost off of your windshield for 15 minutes doesn't make you a more interesting or more romantic a person. Trust.

"Crackling Underfoot"

Waxing poetically about walking on leaves might be the worst thing ever, just FYI. 


I actually kind of love these guys. 

"A New School Year"

Trust us, that excitement will quickly fade after your first assignment or test. 

"How Special"

Hahahaha he told you! (OK, I might be getting too into this battle.)

"Creamy, Zesty Taste of Pumpkin Spice"

Because, as it is written in the Constitution, you can't be a legit fall-lover if you don't reference a Pumpkin Spice Latte at least twelve times per conversation.

Competition Ensues

Uh oh. Things are getting a little intense. Can't we all just love fall equally and get along? (JK, don't get along. Keep it going, guys.)

"Bursting Forth From Every Tree"

People do get vaguely faux-British when they're trying to describe a poetic love of fall.

"Macabre Darkness"

Some people really feel the need to dig into that Thesaurus and pull out all the stops. 

"I've Claimed Ownership"

The gauntlet has been thrown down. Yikes. 

"I Can!"

At least we can say that some people are still passionate. Millennial apathy? Yeah, ask one of us about fall, and watch how hard we can care.

"I'm Made Of Pumpkin!"

Because, really, how else was this going to end?

"I'm A Scarecrow!"

Of course you are. 

"I Love Fall"

This means they're almost done now, right?

"The Worst Part Of Fall"

(How good is this that it ends like this? BAHAHAHA... Hahahaha... ha.. *cough*... hah... Boys are dumb.) 

Watch The Full Video Below

You can watch the video in its entirety here. And please remember, you don't have to prove you love fall more than anyone else loves fall. We all love fall. No need to stab yourselves. It's cool.

Images: College Humor/YouTube(18)