This Adorable French Holiday Ad Is Making Parents Sob

There is something about the holiday season that gives people "the feels." Maybe it's the push for everyone to stay indoors and surround themselves with the people they love, or the nostalgia that comes with this time of year. Whatever the case may be, it's easy to just get a little sentimental during the month of December, especially with all of the holiday commercials. And now there is something new to really put you in the feels — this viral French holiday ad, which is so heartwarming and sweet, you'll instantly cry.

If you ever needed an excuse to call your parents or friends and tell them how much you love them, this commercial is that excuse. After watching this holiday ad, which is currently airing in France, people will be so tempted to reach out to those closest to them and tell them how much they love them.

The ad focuses on the subject of all super sappy ads — a father and son. The dad in the video can be seen playing a tape and dancing to the song in the video for his infant son during the holidays. As his son continues to get older, the dancing continues. But, his son isn't embarrassed, he's amused by it. Finally, the son gets old enough to have a son of his own — and video chats his father to let him know that he is dancing for his son, too.

At the end of the video, the three generations dance together and their spirit is infectious. Not only will you be so tempted to video chat with someone close to you, but you'll also want to dance, and cry at the same time.

Like I said — so many feels.

The ad, which is for a French phone company, Bouyges Telecom, makes sense. The commercial is ultimately about bringing generations together through technology. But, it's easy to ignore these messages when this commercial is like a miniature movie that has such a strong plot. I want to know all about this family and more about the relationship between the father and son. It's a charming, sweet, and nostalgic commercial, according to Ad Week, and it's perfect.

I'm not the only person who thinks this. People all over Twitter are obsessing about how this commercial hits them right in the feels.

This commercial not only highlights the importance of embracing your parents for all of their quirks, it also marks the importance of spending time with family and enjoying them while they're around. It's a super simple concept, but one that everyone can be reminded of during the holidays.

But there's a reason why you're crying from watching this commercial — and practically every commercial around the holidays. It's because advertisers want to make you cry (they're heartless, right?), according to KQED. It's called "sadvertising" — the concept where advertisers will play with your emotions to win over your wallet. The science boils down to this — two neurochemicals are released when you watch sad commercials that make you trust the brand, which makes you want to invest your money in them, according to KQED. Smart, right?

But if you're a little more skeptical of spending your money, then it's easy to embrace the commercial for what it is — a heartwarming story about three generations of men with some serious dance moves.

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