Just Try Not To Smile While Watching This Baby Ride Around On A Roomba

If you're stressed out, you have a few options. You could meditate, take a nice bath, seriously, there are tons of options. But the next time you start to lose your cool, queuing up this viral video of a baby riding a Roomba should be at the top of your list. Not only is it mesmerizing (try to stop watching), it might even make you crack a smile.

According the The Daily Mail, Aaron Evans was watching his 3-month-old daughter Atlas at home in Ohio. He was busy cleaning the house in an attempt to surprise his wife, but then noticed that the Roomba made the perfect vehicle for baby Atlas. Evans told The Daily Mail, "My wife left me to watch Atlas for the first time for a full day. We were just playing and cleaning around the house (my goal was to surprise the wife with a clean house) and she kept staring at the Roomba."

So he did what any self-respecting parent would do: He let her ride it. Evans added that she "seemed to like it" and "had a good grip," so instead of finishing their chores, he and Atlas just spend the afternoon driving around the house for a "couple hours on and off," he told The Daily Mail.

There's no word yet about whether Atlas' mom was pleased with their choices. At least the floors are clean, right?

For what it's worth, Atlas does seem to enjoy the ride and the fact that her 3-month-old hands can actually hold on that well is pretty amazing. Should they enter her in a baby talent show? Because this is a stroke of genius. It's not always smooth sailing, or Roomba-ing in this case, as she bumps into a few walls here and there. But she's pretty chill about it.

To be perfectly real, it looks like so much fun. Oh, to be tiny enough to get in the Roomba Rodeo. Don't you feel like your life would be better if you could just hitch a ride to the kitchen whenever you wanted to? No? Just me?

Here's The Full Length Video Of Atlas' First Ride

The best part about this particular baby riding a Roomba is how perfectly calm she looks. Almost like she can't believe her luck at a catching a ride. Who needs crawling when you can just float around with the vacuum cleaner?

Of course, little Atlas isn't the first infant to know the glory of the automatic vacuum cleaners. People have been putting their babies on these things for ages, often in their own little seat put atop the machine, so at least there's more of a barrier between them and the motor.

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This is an entire genre of YouTube I never knew I needed in my life. Of course, Roomba's are not made for babies to ride, sit on, stand on. Actually, their safety warning explicitly states, "Small children and pets should be supervised if Roomba is in use." Which I assume doesn't mean filming them on top of the Roomba.

As you can imagine, some people are very much against it. One commenter wrote on a baby Roomba video, "funny until the chair falls off and the baby smacks its head off the floor..." and that commenter would not be wrong. Bad things happen. There are so many things wrong with these videos.

Then again, there's something about a baby on a Roomba that also feels so right.

So maybe put a helmet on the kid and some knee pads before sending them down the hallway on the Roomba and filming it for the internet to enjoy. Because babies grow up so fast — you only have a brief moment in time to enjoy watching your infant zoom all around you.

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