This Viral Video Of A Baby Looking At Holiday Lights Will Even Warm A Grinch's Heart

It can be hard to get in the holiday spirit, especially when retail stores are shoving it down your throat even before you've made plans for Thanksgiving dinner. But if anyone can get you past your inner Grinch, it's a young child captivated by the magic of the winter holidays. And this viral video of a baby's reaction to seeing holiday lights will have you feeling merry and bright, even if you are a direct descendant of Ebenezer Scrooge.

In the video, a little boy who is called Mick by a woman who appears to be his mother is being pushed through a large store in a shopping cart when his attention is captivated by just about everything that he wheels past in the holiday section. Wide eyed, making audible noises of awe, Mick can't get enough of the lights and decorations.

The post including the video has racked up more than 20 million views, 11,000 likes and shares, and more than 3,000 comments. Many of the comments point out the magic that comes with Christmas time when when you are young.

"Watch this every day!!! It will make you feel great!!!!! This is a true example of the wonder of Christmas through a child's eyes!!!!!!!! Don't you miss it????" one viewer commented.

Another said that she hoped to get on Micky's level when it comes to holiday cheer, writing, "OMG SOOOO ADORABLE! Hope I can have the same reaction too, but we grew older and things are not the same anymore."

If you yourself have lost the ability to be overcome with joy during the holidays, look no further than the closest young child. A couple of people mentioned how wonderful it is to witness children enjoying the holidays, with one saying:

So adorable. If only everyone would watch a little child and see the joy and realize that this world needs to be a better place for them to grow up. We all need wonderment in our lives. Also there will be little children that won't get a present because they are poor - so when shopping buy a present for a needy child it will make you feel warm and fuzzy all over!!!

And baby Mick isn't the only little one enamored with twinkly lights. Check out this video of a baby named Eve checking out holiday decorations last year:

It is certainly true that young children love holiday lights. The internet is chock full of babies and toddlers playing with a string of lights, unable to tear themselves away from the sparkles. But as pretty of a picture as a child draped in lights makes for Instagram, parents should be cautious when exposing their little ones to these lights. As with Mick, it may be best to let little ones look instead of touch when it comes to these decorations.

Aside from the risk of potential burns and electrocution from babies having access to electronics, there is a hidden risk that runs underneath of the pretty colors and twinkles — in 2007, CNN reported that unsafe levels of lead were detected in such lights. This is concerning because early lead exposure in children can lead to learning disabilities, behavioral issues, speech and language impairment, ADD, and more health risks, according to Medical Daily. While the amount of lead reported in the lights wasn't found to be an extreme risk, erring on the side of caution is probably the way to go.

Even if you can't let your kid have free reign on a string of lights, showing them how beautiful they are from a distance can certainly do the trick of jump-starting your holiday cheer — especially if your kid is anything like adorable Mick.

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