This Website Is Starting An Uber For Dirty Diapers, & It Might Be A Parenting Dream Come True

No matter how much you love your child, dealing with their stomach-churning poop blowouts is never very much fun. Changing diapers is an unavoidable part of the deal when you become a parent of course, but thanks to a surprising new service, moms and dads in the U.K. might actually soon have an option to outsource the less-than-enjoyable task. This website is starting an Uber for dirty diapers, and if that sounds like a totally outlandish idea, that's because, well, it really is. British childcare-finding site first announced the concept as an April Fool's Day gag earlier this month, according to The Guardian, but when the team behind the site realized that there was actually a real market for the idea, they decided to launch it in earnest. The goal? To offer parents an "Uber-style" service that will dispatch professional diaper-changers to their homes within only 10 minutes, at a rate of about $7 per diaper.

While I can't exactly imagine paying someone to come to my house and change my child's diaper (as appealing as the idea might seem some days), co-founder Richard Conway, explained that a surprising number of people responded to the original April Fool's joke to say they would absolutely sign up for the once-mythical service. And it turns out that it's not just squeamish parents who think it's a great idea — according to The Guardian, Conway said that they've "already had more than 100 providers sign-up" as professional diaper changers (though they don't yet have enough people to meet their "we'll be there in ten minutes" guarantee).

Given that they'd only announced the idea to get a laugh out of people on social media, Conway and his team must have been shocked by the response: nearly 400 Facebook users commented, and the post earned more than 950 likes. To be fair, there were certainly many individuals who thought the concept was straight up offensive: one user wrote, "This is horrendous, disgusting and repulsive. It’s poo, it’s from your flesh and blood," while another said,

This can't be real?! Who can't bring themselves to change a [diaper] to get a total stranger change your own child?! Which takes 2 mins and would wait 10 minutes for someone to turn up??

But others said that, April Fool's Day or not, they could totally get behind the idea of professional diaper changers. One mom wrote, "If only this was real. My little one is currently like changing an octopus he wriggled around so much. I’d happily pay £5!!!" while another wrote, "Shame it's an April fool's — I would totally pay a fiver for someone to come and deal with a poonami!"

Some even shared that they'd had plenty of specific moments when an on-demand diaper change service would have been incredibly helpful. One user wrote that their child's diaper blowout during a trip to the grocery store the day before "proved the need is real," while another said "we could of done with this a hour ago!!!" Others though, couldn't help but see a pretty great opportunity to make some extra cash: one mom wrote, "Where do i sign up?! £5 per nappy, ill be rich in a week!"

In addition to having someone come to your house to change your baby, explained on its Nappy 999 site that the fee also includes "the cost of a fresh nappy and the disposal of the soiled nappy," which could be particularly helpful if you've ever found yourself stuck with a poop emergency and a shortage of supplies. And while the service might not actually be ready to launch just yet, anyone who'd like to make a few extra bucks changing other people's kids' diapers is welcome to sign up (though the site does note that to be a Nappy 999 "emergency responder," you must be a "childcare provider with an enhanced DBS check," given the nature of the job).

As hard as it might be to believe that Uber-style diaper changing could actually end up being a thing, the reality is that we already live in a world where pretty much everything can be delivered right to us in no time at all with just one click of a button. And hey, dealing with a super-stinky kid poop is much less desirable a task then, say, going out and picking up your own lunch. Nappy 999 might not be for all of us (and, for now at least, it won't be for anyone living outside of the UK), but if there are parents out there willing to pay for a little help, then why not connect them to people who are more than happy to come out to assist?

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