This Wheelchair Stroller Attachment Is *Huge* For Disabled Parents

Parenting is hard enough for physically typical moms and dads, but throw in a disability and it gets a bit more complicated. I can only imagine the juggling act that would be required to get my kids ready for the day, much less go on outings together, if I didn't have full mobility of my limbs. These parents are pretty much my new #squadgoals. There are more products on the market now than ever, but we still have a long way to go to give disabled parents the innovation they deserve, and the designers of this wheelchair stroller attachment are committed to doing something about it.

Easy Stroll is a universal connector between a wheelchair and a baby stroller, and its developers are hoping it might fill an important void in the world of disabled parenting, according to an article on Spaulding Rehabilitation's website. Designed, engineered, and produced in Israel by Jonathan Bar-Or, the Easy Stroll is quickly gaining worldwide attention left and right as a hopeful solution for wheelchair-bound parents who desire more independence in parenthood.

I've done a little digging into the phenomenon that's sweeping the wheelchair community and have compiled some answers to the most frequently asked questions about it. If it works as well as it appears, a lot of families' Disney trips just got easier.


How Does It Work?

The Easy Stroll is simply a device that connects a wheelchair to a stroller that you already own. It is not an entirely new form of either piece of equipment, but rather a small mechanism that connects one to the other near the ground, according to a post about the attachment on Spaulding Rehabilitation's website. The connector locks in place for security, but the parent can disconnect quickly and easily to move in close and pick up their child when necessary.


Is It Really Universal?

According to Industrial Designer and company representative Dana Yichye Shwachman, the Easy Stroll connector is designed to fit a wide range of strollers on the market, as well as any wheelchair with two pole on the sides of the feet. While the company cannot guarantee that every baby stroller will be adaptable, when the Easy Stroll is manufactured, a list of acceptable strollers will be made public.


How Much Does It Cost?

According to Shwachman, the target price for each unit is $300. While your first reaction may be to balk at the hefty price for such a small piece of equipment, keep in mind that it adapts to almost any stroller on the market. So if you already have a compatible stroller — and you likely do — you can purchase only the connector, rather than a new stroller as well.


Is There Anything Similar On The Market?

Yes. The Random Tandem connector is a very similar design, and the CURSUM Stroller is a great choice as well. However, the Random Tandem connector is effective only when paired with a limited number of strollers. Some of the most popular styles, and those with hand brakes, are excluded from the list. The CURSUM is compatible with a wheelchair, but can't be used as a stroller for long distances.


Does The Company Have Prototypes?

Yes. According to Schwachman, the company was approached by a single mother in a wheelchair to create a way to push her child in a stroller. They designed this product for her, and the next year created two more for other individual clients. The Easy Stroll connector has proven itself effective.


How Do I Order One?

The Easy Stroll connector is not yet on the market, but is reported to be in the final stages of Research and Development. Shwachman has said that 500 units will be ready for sale next year, so keep an ear out for the big announcement.